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Side scrolling shooter challenge - respawning enemies



One more video before I have to go away from home for a bit, I probably won't be able to work on the game for 10 days or so. A bit chaotic here, but now as well as the permanent dynamic objects on the map there are now

  • Spawning monsters (at the moment just white spheres) white respawn when you shoot them.
  • The laser is using a multicolour shader, there are now bombs too white are just placeholder boxes. They only explode when hitting objects so far but I'll add an area effect soon.
  • There's also healthbar and lives although the death screen needs a bit of work.
  • I've also tried some texture mapping on the terrain and put in a crate model which looks a lot better than the plain box. I think everything should look nicer when I have replaced the placeholder graphics.
  • More particle effects
  • Sound improvements

Also I'll have to do a bit of work on the level generation soon, and maybe add some more elements like fuel and ammo drops or platforms that replenish health.

Note that the laser and bombs don't fit with the no conventional weapons thing of the challenge, making a shooter without guns is so far eluding me. I'll probably modify them slightly / have a game mode without them for the challenge.


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Great start! 10 days away from game dev? How will you manage? 😮 

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Haha it wasn't so bad in the end, but I foolishly decided to try the Android support again in Godot and have been slightly sidetracked as I'm now compiling / debugging Godot engine trying to sort some bugs in the engine. Will have to learn how to use github and contribute, is all new territory for me.

Will get back to actually working on the game again soon enough I hope. :) 

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