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Unity Weekly Updates #41 - ブーム FOUNTAIN



Hey hey hey! It's you again!

This is happening, this is now, this is your favourite weekly update blog coming to you right now!

But to be honest, this week wasn't quite as proactive as usual. There was a lot of waiting involved, so not a whole lot of things were done.

However, there's still some new stuff to showcase, so let's get right to it!

The Fountain

First, let's get the simplest thing out of the way. I've added a new interactable prop (akin to rest areas): the fountain.


This props can, like rest areas, spawn at the center of a normal room if the player is lucky. When encountered it gives the player the opportunity to drop a few coins in for smalls luck boost. However, this comes with a caveat...

If the player puts too many coins in, then the fountain's motor will overheat and explode in a big way, voiding its effects and hurting the player in the process. The actual limit is actually not linked to the player's luck but is randomly picked.

Will you try and get the best possible luck bonus or will you play it safe and just put a few coins in? The choice is yours...

The Landfill Redesign

Second, let's talk about the landfill.

For those who didn't know, the landfill is a special room where the player has the opportunity to regain their previously discarded items. 

Previously it was quite a barebone and didn't really had any distinctive things in it.

Now the landfill looks a lot more like a landfill, with garbage piles and garbage cubes filled to the brim with, well, garbage.


Each discarded items lays on a compact garbage cube in the middle of the room.

But that's not all! Sometimes, if the player is lucky, they can find low-quality items in those big garbage piles. Hurray for recycling!


Finally, the room also has a looping fly sound (like in most cartoons and whatnot). I'm also planning for some kind of cartoonish miasma coming out of them. Pretty disgusting if you ask me...

Minor Updates

  • An exploding bomb now leaves bomb pieces behind when exploded;
  • The shards of malls' breakable windows now got unique models;
  • Added a metallic map to all of my shaders.
  • Optimized, refactored and fixed shaders.
  • Fixed a long-lasting bug with the player controllers' step snapping physics

Next week

Next week is going to be all about adding at least two new special rooms that I'm currently working on. There's also the redesigns that, to be honest, I didn't really work on last week.

Aside from that, there's always the rest of your usual suspects like relics, capacities, enemies and items. 

Last week was quite a slow week too, full of waiting and more waiting. Now I'm determined to set aside the more compiling intensive work to really add some meaningful things rather than adding a small insignificant detail that takes an hour to compile...


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