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Graphics Programming weekly - Issue 81 — April 21, 2019



  • explains how to create a layering parallax effect to simulate the inside of a marble using ray marching
  • presents how memory, object lifetime and command buffers are managed
  • resource lifetime is bound to a frame context
  • frame context tracks which resources can be deleted once the frame has been consumed

  • PDFs for all AMD presentations from GDC 2019 have been posted
  • shows the Cooperative Matrix extension for Vulkan
  • the extension enables matrix multiplications to be computed across a subgroup
  • enables better shader optimizations and allows the use of tensor cores on Turing GPUs

  • explains the HSV colorspace and how to convert it to RGB
  • using a Forward+ rendering pipeline and raytracing for shadows
  • presents a frame breakdown of the main rendering passes
  • acceleration structure for skinned objects is updated via UAV writes from a vertex shader

  • shows the different spaces that are typically involved in 3D rendering
  • how to transform between the different spaces
  • visually shows the effect of the transformations

  • series on rendering of volumetric clouds
  • shows how to sample the sky lighting contribution
  • using a sampling scheme that places more samples in the bright sections of the sky

  • Flax engine now fully supports a Vulkan backend
  • better performance than the D3D12 implementation

  • D3D12 is starting to allow GPU drivers to implement shader optimization in a background thread
  • provides an API to control the driver behavior

  • presents how the snow simulation has been implemented and how it was optimized for Intel GPUs
  • supports dynamic melting and build up of snow
  • tesselation stage is used to generate the snow mesh

  • presents the shader binding model used by granite
  • user binds resources to sets and bind points on a per-resource basis
  • Vulkan descriptor set management is not exposed to the user

Thanks to Nathan Reed for support of this series.

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