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Project: Hybrid Inc.

Ethical problem with animals



I'm working on a prototype for a strategy game where the player manages a theme park with hybrid animals. I love the idea, but there is one question that bothers me. The player is working for a "sinister" corporation. And as one of the gameplay features, I plan to add the possibility to sell the meat of animals. That means the death of animals. Also, there are possibilities of death in other situations, like when animal run away. 

Is it ok to show death in a grotesque way? Will it be counterbalanced/justified by the opportunity for animals to destroy the park and kill all the stuff? Or is it just a question of age rating for a game?

P.S.: Sorry for my English!


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Are you posting this question in your blog?  This is actually a very good question. 

Is there a forum space for developers to discuss their ethical concerns regarding their projects?  I'm not sure which sub-form that would fall under.

Personally I think you should figure out what you want to convey, is it that corporations are "sinister" or that killing animals is "sinister"?  For instance if it's the corporations that are sinister than maybe don't show the gruesome death but rather just let it be known some other way that this choice is a negative one.  If it's that killing animals is sinister than I'd focus more on the emotional connection folks will have with these animals ( which certainly doesn't need to be gruesome either. )

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I was in this similar situation last time.

My approach was to choose based on the main theme of the story/game.

Like while i playing an rpg game about knights & mages, i battle many types of foes, some of them are monster & animal. After win a battle i can collect items including animal fur, meat or ivory, which is can be sold for gold, or create unique armor. That way, me and other kids player will gonna hunting the animal as much as possible for gains.

The other game like simulation of zoo park, or kids playing ground, i will put any animals with fun and cute approach, whether the shape or behaviours. So when sometime there are sick animals, we do any health treatments, anything to cure them or saving life. 

Another game like fastfood restaurant, where owner have their expensive lineup that include various meats in one food, so they have to stock much meats in storage, orelse they can only sell cheaper food which affects the gross in that month.

Well, perhap not my direct solution 😃 .. it is depend on the whole current story/game idea. 

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