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Project: Fateless

Fateless Has 2 New Enemies, 2 New Weapons, Thanks Gray Box



Punishers now inhabit several areas of Fateless. Heavy mechs guard area 5. Good thing you now have two new weapons to help you get through all those merciless techno-alien enemies.

A few days ago I remembered an old concept called the gray box. I made an area with nothing but gray concrete, and imported all the new prospective weapon and monster OBJ's into it. From that point, scripting was much faster. As soon as I was done with one model, there was no debate of what to move on to next. The queue was all right there in the gray box. I find that seeing your yet unscripted models in the same scene as the model you're currently scripting really helps the process. For example, by having the OBJ's of prospective new enemies and the new weapons all together in one gray box, you can quickly test how they all interact with one another and find out what works and what doesn't quickly (as far as hit point and damage counts do, especially).

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Posted (edited)

I am working on development of a similar engine (C++ , Lua, OpenGL) and I'm enjoying seeing progress on this.

I'm guessing there isn't an .EXE available?

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Posted (edited)

Not at this very moment but I am seriously considering putting out a Windows version next. Thank you for the comment.

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