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Project: Neon Tail

Neon Tail - Devlog 39



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Hi, this week's #screenshotsaturday for my project Neon Tail, I worked on implementing the new residential area to the game. I have quite a lot of difficulties with streaming scenes. I don't think it is possible with Unity unless I put a couple of assets per scene and async load billions of scenes this way. Actually I think that's how they did it in the game "Inside"

So for now (since the game at present state allows it) I'm simply optimizing enough so the game runs with both area loaded at once. Eventually I'll have to find a way to stream the huge city rather than load it all at once, and at worse, go into loading screens and change scenes. We'll see, BitSummer is coming and as always, I need to speed up.

You can also note that the new area is quite a big chunk, so it will take some time to get it all at skatable. Lots of buildings and bridges and roads have no colliders yet. :P

- Fixed Shop talking bug

- Added Save Menu to break times

- Adjusted Alis shop's furnitures and colliders

- Added hint, go back to Tybalt when Job Notifier disabled by player

- Imported Residential area to the game

- Created Pedestrian Manager for residential area

- Organized dynamic props

- Updated Grinding code so loopings are possible

- Updated all grind collider to the new grind system

Have a nice week end! ;)


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