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Update #1 - The frog goes CROAK but he don't die.

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Sorry for the grammar error in title but it felt right.

I've gotten a couple of upvotes on this in recent history so I thought I would post an update.

I have basic Lua integration working, will soon load all resources and create levels from Lua files.

Additional features created:
Lua integration
Triggers and movers

Mostly I have been learning basic software architecture and programming patterns.

Moving from OpenGL to DirectX
Bullet Physics integration

I can't decide what to work on next. The ambient lighting is a bummer so maybe directional / point lights. Trying to decide how to get a working arcade game has got me on edge but I think I can get it going soon. I can add and place additional models with a couple lines of code but was to lazy to spruce the screenshot up, sorry.

Thanks for the previous comments and likes.


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yep, a bit of a pull to keep you in the game.. even after the fact. The idea is very good. Ambitious though, especially if you don't have any 2D work under your belt. @frob tried to do the same on the pong challenge but as a VR app in Unity.. I see an artist in you but you seem to be following the same path I took 10 years ago by going straight to 3D and I can tell you it hurts. I've always hated 2D but there are lessons to be learned, mental tools to be gathered and architecture that reveals itself when taking that step back and not relying on tutorial type architecture. No disrespect, I don't know what your code looks like, just guessing on an observation and understanding of potential frustration. (referring to your recent rep giving activity) If you finish this, it would be bad ass. A 2D frogger game inside a 3D pig cartoon...1337 for certain. Make a course resolution 2d frogger that draws to a render target and draw that to the 3D pig-land screen quad. Yeah, that's epic....nice one. 

edit: after that, concentrate on the eye candy. That plan touches the back half of your consideration also. As for ogl to dx switching, pffttt...least of your worries and always a step back even going in the other direction. It's almost always not the rendering api that is the problem getting the game made. 

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30 minutes ago, GoliathForge said:

As for ogl to dx switching, pffttt...least of your worries and always a step back even going in the other direction.

I've seen advice to use DX11 over OpenGL for Windows development because of slight OpenGL inconsistencies between GPU vendors and even among different GPU's. Originally I wanted to support Linux but that has taken a backseat for the time. It isn't like learning DX11 is detrimental.

No frustration here. I'm doing fine.

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