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Side Scrolling Shooter - Tech Test Version



I'm hard at work trying to finish within the next week or so on the side scrolling challenge, running out of time, so I may add some extra stuff to the game after the deadline but want to get something working to submit. I'm just working on making some objectives and level ends / changes but I thought I'd break with tradition of waiting till the end before giving downloads, and provide some tech tests so I can see if the game works on other people's machines.

Anyway you can download from my project page a test version for win32 and for linux64.

Objectives : Each level you must destroy a certain amount of alien bases and collect a number of parts. This is indicated on the top right of screen.


Cursors - Move

Tab - Fire

Q - Tractor beam

Space - Bomb


You can at the moment drop bombs on the alien bases, you will probably have to destroy them all to complete level. You can also pick up rocket sections with the tractor beam / shoot them along / bomb them along until you get them on the player base, which is the yellow hatched base. It's quite tricky with the physics, I might adjust the tractor beam. There are respawning enemies and also perma enemies which are just the fly, rocket and lander for now. The collision reps for the rocket and lander aren't correct but I'm going to use these in a different way as they are too big for enemies, as they keep getting stuck with large collision reps.

The levels are now repeatable, I haven't put in the full amount of variations for different levels yet. I'll try and have different background / terrain textures on different levels. There is also no music yet.

Please let me know any feedback if it runs and how well, and ideas etc. :) Try running fullscreen from the options too.

Alien Base - bomb these


Player Base - Move rocket parts to your base


Health Platform - replenishes health


Fuel Platform - replenishes fuel




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Appears to be working fine on Win7 i7 HD9300 Nice lower end test machine here. Window resizing also appears good. The only thing I noticed was text display overlapped at extreme lower resolutions. 

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5 hours ago, GoliathForge said:

Appears to be working fine on Win7 i7 HD9300 Nice lower end test machine here. Window resizing also appears good. The only thing I noticed was text display overlapped at extreme lower resolutions. 

Ah that's good. It is an OpenGLES2 build rather than GLES3, which rather confusingly is using standard OpenGL on desktop but less features than the GLES3 version. I think I had so scale back the chess game to GLES2 for it to work for you too.

I can also make a GLES3 build at some point too with more features like anti aliasing, tone mapping etc, but I'm aiming for the lowest feature set for now as I want to get android build working.

The text is a good point, I didn't consider smaller resolutions, however I may not have time to address this for the original release for the challenge but I'm sure I can fix it up. :) 

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Works great for me! :)  The only feedback I could think of is to make sure you do a check on level load to see if the player is blocked in. This happened on my first level load where I couldn't move.


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New version 0.11 available. This doesn't have the player blocked in, the first platforms etc are placed after the player spawn point now. More changes too I'll edit into the blog post. :) 

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