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Challenge 2 - Online Side Scrolling Arcade Shooter



I'm very delayed on this and I'm still working on my Chess Challenge #1. I'm adding some extra features and redoing some code, but I've been out of commission for a few weeks due to personal things so I'm going to have to push out a rough game to meet the deadline. I'm going to start on Challenge 2 now, but I'm still working on Challenge 1 as I have a few changes before that is game is complete. The plan is to meet the minimum requirements and to post updates each day. Even after the deadline for the GameDev challenge is up I will still continue to work on this game to complete it to my requirements regardless of the actual challenge requirements. I will post my personal requirements under 'Extra Requirements'.

Challenge 2 - Online Side Scrolling Arcade Shooter

Requirements (As per the GameDev Challenge Post):

- Main Menu that allows the player to start the game, leave the game, and return to the main menu from an active level.

- The player is able to navigate horizontally through a scrolling level.

- The protagonist character has to be controlled by the player.

- The player must be forced to move around moving and station obstacles.

- The game must have at least two levels.

- The game needs to define an end goal to complete the game.

- The player can ignore or kill enemies, but there must be active enemies that pose a risk to the player.

- All enemies, items, and player spawns are static on load, there is no dynamic loading, and all movement patterns must be the same on each level load.

- Each level must have one power-up that the player can pick up in the level.

- Power-ups can be dropped by enemies or placed in the level for pickup.

- The game play must be faster is pace where the player's knowledge of enemy positions, patterns and item locations help the player to progress and react upon level repeating if the player fails to make it through.

- There must be at least one music track fitting to the theme of the game.

- There must be audio effects fitting to the theme of the game.

- No traditional shooter style weapons for the player (bullets, missiles, or lasers)


Extra Requirements:

- Online Co-op mode where two players can connect online and play together.

- All assets must be made by me. (Visual, SFX, Music)

I will post Part 1 tomorrow in my evening. This is going to be very rushed for the basic version and I'll clean it up by the time I actually finish the challenge. If for whatever reason I cannot meet the GameDev requirements I will continue working on this challenge either way. I did complete my Design Document a week back, so it is just a matter of putting placeholders in and programming the game, then adding in the visual and audio assets which I will make from scratch. I will post the game concept then.

(Reference to the GameDev Challenge)





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:D when you really look at it, it's a pretty sweet little check list. Takes all the guesswork out. What next? Right there. I like your timing on this. I think I'll join @Awoken on challenge_01 and see you on the other side of this one. Good Luck <<-- 😎 +1 for making your own. As a side, back when this site put this iteration of challenges up proper last year, there was mention from early discussions with @khawk of perhaps a silver award for after party entries. I liked this idea because there is a sense of "keep alive" instead of tossing dirt in the hole afterwards when looking back at the challenge activity.  ('gotta have your bling)

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16 hours ago, GoliathForge said:

I liked this idea because there is a sense of "keep alive" instead of tossing dirt in the hole afterwards when looking back at the challenge activity. 

Many of the challenges that have been completed so far have appeal.  And it's true, I'd love to contribute, even if no award is given.  It's nice to see @Rutin set an example for us.  Thanks Rutin :D 

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