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Project: One Day

Project One Day - Update #4

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Looks like I haven't posted about "One Day" in about 7 months as I took time to work on a couple of the GameDev challenges. In that time I had added a fair number of new features and fixed a lot of bugs. So, I thought it'd be easier to take a fresh start with the latest code base rather than to try to and find all the places in the old project that would need updating. I code name my projects as a "Lab" while I'm working on them as in many ways they're all experimental. I'm now on Lab 36 where as the original version of this project was Lab 31.

One thing that I'm trying to make a point of doing this time around is to do a better job of tracking the changes need to be worked on and when I complete them. Easy enough for the big items that I know need a fair bit of time and attention. A little trickier to remember though for the quick little fixes, adjustments, and tweaks. I am in the habit of keeping notes about whatever I'm working on for each coding session but that's more of a rambling about what approaches I'm taking to investigations or fixes rather than an itemized list of things that's been accomplished.

So over the past month and a half:

  • Rework the level structure as needed for this game.
  • Assorted changes to directory structures.
  • Changes to saving the tracking of items in clothing pockets.
  • Move main actor list to level object and make related changes.
  • Save/Load of player's progress.
  • Make the conversation dialog box keyboard controlled.
  • Rewrite previous collision tracking for UI selections.
  • Make the UI interaction range variable.

I'm quite happy with the changes I just finished for getting user interactions when the PC is close to various objects. You only have to be within some range of a character or items now to be able to interact with them instead of having to collide directly with them.

The last deadline I gave myself for this project was actually this weekend. At this point, that is not going to happen. But maybe if I can remember the various features I've added to my engine over the years (and how to use them) and if I can keep everything reasonably organized, I might just maybe be able to actually proceed without any additional overhauls of some system or another.


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