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Project: Neon Tail

 Neon Tail - Devlog 40




Hi, this week's #screenshotsaturday for my project @NeonTail , again I worked on implementing the new residential area to the game. I spent quite some time testing all the grind colliders and chasing small bugs.
I also redesigned the trick and combo system. All tricks are based on spins from a state to another. For example, grinding, jumping, spinning 540 degrees the landing with a manual is a trick named 540 Grind to manual.
You can chain tricks, up to 6 tricks combos, as long as your trick is performed only once in the combo.
You get bonus reputation points by reaching the maximum 6 tricks combo, and you also get bonus points by performing the reverse version of a trick. (starting backward)
Some tricks are still missing, as you can see at 00:30 I will implement them later.

- Updated trick list & redesigned tricks&combo system
- Updated Manual animation
- Created and implemented combo sounds
- ResidenceArea import
- Import Residential Master in main
- Rebake occlusion
- Created and set up Pedestrians / Animal / Dynamic Props Manager

Have a nice week end! ;)


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