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Project: Fateless

Dynamic Lights Out, 2 Star Review In



New 2-star review is in and it's spot-on. It's been a rough weekend getting dynamic lighting ready for release, but now that it's out, not even this review could break my spirit. Here we go.

"colision des not work"

- It does not. It only works if any of the four corners of the object's bounding box are inside a voxel. The sliding on walls is a hack and the player gets stuck on walls and objects all the time. Anyone have a good algorithm to fix this?

"aiming is only horizontal"

- Yes, but I thought this was a feature, not a bug. Having to aim up and down also is frustrating, no? It has been for me. I come from an early 90's DOS gaming background, so I never thought this would be a problem. But apparently the new generation says up and down is in.

"and fire button is separated from view rotation"

- Unable to interpret this one at this time. Does the player want the fire button to be inside the view rotation touch surface? Tap-to-fire? I sure would love to get this fixed, just don't know how.

"additionally game is fps related, so the better phone game runs faster than it should be"

- This has been the bane of my existence for years now. How to stabilize the FPS on all platforms on all OS's? Android maxes out at 60 fps. Windows sometimes used to give me 4000 FPS. Definitely looking for help in this department.

Well, now that I'm done responding to the harshly truthful review, I invite you to appreciate the screenshots below.

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