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Side scrolling shooter challenge - alpha version



I'm off on various real life missions until the end of the month, so this is my potential release candidate for the challenge, which is available for download for windows and linux from the project page below.

If there are any easy bugs to fix I will try and sort them. This video is actually from a few days ago there's been a few changes since then, I now have a creative commons sky (still to put in credits!), creative commons music, new terrain textures, new physics reps for the rocket / lander, bombs, low fuel management, and various fixes to the level generation.


There were some very tricky bugs fixed today which only occurred sporadically. One was due to rocket parts being moved a long way on the map and storing themselves to the wrong section, and the other I haven't fully tracked down, it may be a threading issue between the physics and rest of game, but the fix seems to be working.


After spend many hours looking for music I managed to find some fitting retro 80s synth music by Eva (which you can of course turn off lol).

Note that I didn't adhere fully to all the challenge guidelines, especially about the weapons, but I figured I would replace them later, but I kind of ran out of time. Anyway hopefully it should be okay.


I'm actually very pleased with how it has worked out, the whole pooling system allows you to have large levels without overloading things (runs pretty fast on my PC, 400fps or so without vsync). I've also started on the Android build, but will readdress that after the challenge as there are some Godot bugs in OpenGLES2 which need to either be fixed or worked around.



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Thanks dood, I'm just about to try your latest version! :) 

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