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First Person Catcher!



I'm starting work on a new game prototype. It will be a first person catcher (as opposed to shooter), family-friendly and re-use typical FPS mechanics, but with an opposite goal: instead of avoiding projectiles, you must catch them. Summary: a sad girl walks around a green field with pink castles and picks flowers. The world is populated by cute animals (bunnies, ponies, kittens). She throws the flowers to the animals and they reward her with fruits, candy and hearts that she has to catch to keep her happiness level up. If she cannot catch enough items in time, she gets depressed and falls asleep. Below is the first iteration of the bunny character (will be realistic and 3D eventually).



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4 hours ago, GoliathForge said:

The blog entry title...not a question mark, proclaim that with exclamation. And, from observing your last project, [ fix your time step ] 

Thank you, this looks very useful. Will try. Also, this game is probably going to be all sprite and voxel based, at first, so performance shouldn't be as much of an issue. Android maxes out at 60 fps, so maybe I can rely on that, at least for the time being.

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Don't trust in the force. :P It's not a matter of performance. Time based movement is base line functionality.  Keep up the good work.

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Interesting concept, it's always good to see someone trying to provide players with an experience that uses some different verbs than usual. :)

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Meet the whole trio of positive vibe-exuding NPC's.

The Proto-Kitten:


The Proto-Pony:


The Proto-Bunny:


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Pony, kitten and bunny hanging out in front of the pink castle


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Working on the color palette. The usual crew is comfortable in their environment plus some views from the castle. They roam from castle to castle, in search of positive vibes to absorb and share.



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