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[DevLog 2]: Worldmap - Regional Evaluation

ARF Initiative





Hello everybody,

Welcome to FallNation, a video game by ARF Initiative. This is Devlog N.2: Worldmap. Today we will talk about the Worldmap module, the basic movement you will do around the island and what you will find on it. Here you will see the location file, a document that will appear in the game to let you know the emplacement where action happens. Besides, you will see the Island Map and a few screens taken by a LR-Drone. Aligned with the story, at this moment we call this island Gamma 108, an undisclosed location, nearby the USA coasts. Gamma 108 represents a very big worldmap with many places to discover, including cities, settlements, military check-points and many other things. We designed this worldmap to enrich the gameplay experience. You will be able to move across G-108 and deal with the different factions and events in order to complete the mission. 




Welcome agent,

The firsts days following the Fall Nation protocol activation, several Explorations LR-Drones model IS were launched into different locations to find the best candidate to implement the FallNation protocol. After the CAT-5 EOWE (End Of The World Event) the only few feasible places are focused on islands poorly communicated with a well established infrastructure and mid-low population. One of the candidates is the island code name G-108. Right now the drones are exploring it. 

You agents must check  whether G-108 is the best candidate to execute the FN-Protocol. In order to do it, we strongly encourage you to fulfill the following report cautiously by following the instructions.  Remember this task is extremely important. G-108 can be selected, and if approved, then the field agents will be deployed.




Regional Evaluation


Location Transcription

G-108 first Evaluation

Location is classified. G-108 might be a strategic place for the government in order to apply the protocols. G-108 is not far away from the mainland and seems to have a heavy maritime traffic. There are more than ten cities in the island. Those cities are crowded of population. Infrastructures are very solids and road system connects every city among them. It would be necessary to take special efforts with settlements, because of their proximity to the roads. They are shorter of population than cities, but their civilians could play a special rol for the future. Bridges may offer special links with population, and also connect locations through the rivers. Taking the control of them would be a strong strategic point.

Further Information

Agents could manage their resources in the cities and settlements, including explorating, trading, dealing and applying the force needed to control every single location. Checkpoints could be strategic points to guarantee the mission. Taking control of the closest locations may be necessary for the strategy. Storages nearby the cities could be locations where agents might keep food, resources, special ammo, weapons and many other things. Some of them might be hidden.


Your mission in the Worldmap.





Fulfilling your mission might be very simple to say but it won't be that easy to complete: you must ensure the survival of the humans and manage the hostile hazards. Hostiles can be human or not. The infection is spreading everywhere and you must use your resources with intelligence. Everything matters, you will be allowed to deal with people in the cities and settlements, and also fight the hostiles that hamper your goals. Obviously, among other things there will be an interesting inventory for your management, factions interactions, RPG system... but we'll talk about it in future devlogs.  (what about unicorns? xD).

Depending on your combats or your choices you will have one adventure or another and you would be closer to achieve your objectives. Or not.

Find allies, you will need them to survive. There will be diplomacy, you can create alliances with other factions or fight them.  Also you can train civilians for the battle or reclute mercenaries.

Like you ground on the island in a ship, there will be others. Be wary of those ships that not belong to the ARF Initiative. Not everybody will come in peace. 



Due to the nature of a CAT-5 EOWE federal agents must fulfill the checklist bellow to complete the Regional Evaluation  for the FallNation Protocol:




Locations Transcription

  • Cities: Cities are the nurturing core of the island. Strong strategic points to make some trades with the population and rest in the barracks. Markets in the cities are a very useful places to buy weapons, shields and many other resources at disposal. There are places to find new missions, trade prisones and let your soldiers rest for a while.
  • Settlements: Settlements are where the civilians might survive. Federal agents can find them friendly or hostile. It will be the agent's responsibility to manage every situation the best way possible. Diplomacy and trading may be important for the mission.
  • Checkpoints: Checkpoints are near the roads and they could offer supplies to continue the mission. Approximate with caution, it could be controlled by hostiles. The more check-points the agents control, the more resources they will secure.
  • Storages: If there's something that could kill enemies faster, they might be hidden in a storage. It could be a very special type of ammo prepared to kill enemies faster than usual. Some resources are very difficult to achieve but extraordinary powerful to accomplish the mission.
  • Boats: Boats are arriving to the coast and it could be a huge danger for the mission. It is highly recommended to deal with them, so it might be good to design a good strategy to protect the island from the incoming hostiles.
  • Bunkers: It is common to find Military Bases and also there might be some military points. Those military points use to have secret bunkers for emergency situations. It could be a priority to find those bunkers in order to establish a security perimeter around it.




This is not exactly a peace mission. The final candidate might might have hazards. Agents must get prepared to possibly suffer the brutality of the hostiles. But the hostiles are not the only one problem. The candidate island might be short of food, probably nobody is taking care of them and the most ruthless episodes in the human nature may come to light. Agents must be wary of the hazards.


Join ARF Initiative in Discord. Further information will be disclosed there first: https://discord.gg/PPAed7Z



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