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Project: Project Taival

Dev Diary #021 - After R&R



Hi, and welcome to this weeks dev diary!

First, I must apologize for not having had anything interesting to show for a long time now. Most of the time that could have been used for something productive have sunken into technical difficulties and optimizing the settings of various software that I use and lately especially my hardware issues has taken a toll on the creative time. While I was sick, I did manage to do the benchmarks for the most part, but had to re-run them after suffering several BSOD earlier last week. The situation with my computer looks bleak every now and then to say the least, but for now I have managed to set the BIOS configuration to a more stable settings and finally got 2 out of 3 benchmarks to run from start to finish.

The Results

The reason for this benchmark is to find the optimal middle-ground for quality and performance, so that the rendering time stays as reasonable as possible with as good quality as possible.

One test was only partly finished before writing this Dev Diary, the rendering time for the lowest quality setting is an estimate based on the first 2 seconds it got to render.

The settings for the benchmark is the same for all the renders;

  • Preserve RGB (Color management turned off)
  • 32 Bit Colors
  • Full Resolution (1080p)
  • Bicubic Asset Quality
  • 60 FPS
  • 25 Seconds Clip

There are one peculiarity though; the first 1187 frames (out of 1500) are a static image, which went by fast on every setting. I decided to include this just to see if the quality setting has any impact on how fast it renders the static image frames. The result of that was quite predictable, since if you let After Effects render one of the static image frames once, it will be really fast after that. The real speed test began after that.


Cinema 4D Quality 01

*Estimated Runtime = 2h 28min

Cinema 4D Quality 51

Runtime = 4h 51min

Cinema 4D Quality 99

Runtime = 11h 39min


(*Based on a run-time of 120 frames = 2 seconds rendered in 1 hour)


Here is the last weeks Render Quality Comparison picture for reference;


If you are facing a similar situation of having to decide which quality setting would make the most sense, I hope this helped you a bit, at least.

That is all for this weeks Dev Diary, I'm terribly sorry for not having anything more to show, but to make up for that, I will show some low quality mock-up images of my game design for the mobile game thus far. Thank you for your time and I'll see you on the next one :)

And as always, you can check out every possible mid week announcements about the project on these official channels;

• YouTube • Facebook • Twitter • Discord • Reddit • Pinterest • SoundCloud • LinkedIn •


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