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Challenge 2 - Online Side Scrolling Arcade Shooter - Part 1



With only a few days left this is going to be a bit of a marathon for me. ;) I was unable to post for a bit as I moved to a new place and had to setup my office among other things... For part 1 I'll be going over the basic concept of the game, the enemies, pick ups, and the boss stage.

Game Concept

In this game you'll play an organic alien creature that needs to move past five possible enemies with different abilities. The player is able to absorb the powers of an enemy which will allow you to play offensively if you choose. There will be 2 levels... The 1st level will be in space, the 2nd level will be within an organic creature and your objective is to get to the end and kill the heart (the boss) which will have a shield ability and will spawn in aliens. The shield will active on and off so you'll have to survive long enough until you can attack the heart.


The player will be able to move up, down, right, and left, however the player will gradually move to the right to maintain the "scrolling" part of the game. The player will have a maximum of 3 lives before 'Game Over', and the player will have only 1 shield cell slot which can be filled by picking up the item from an enemy. The player can activate this shield at any time. The player's special ability which will have a cool-down will allow you to absorb the power of an enemy. If you die that power will be lost, but your timer will not reset until the cool down has been reached.


These are basic concepts of the enemies. The game itself will be in 3D so these are just 2D mockups.








Level 1 will be in space where you'll have a lower density of spawns than level 2. All enemies will be shown in Level 1- excluding the boss.

Level 2 will be much more aggressive and the movement speeds will increase. The environment will change from space to inside the alien boss where you'll need to reach the end to battle to kill the heart.


The only pick ups will be:

1. Shield Cell

2. Extra Lives


1. Single Spike Shot

2. Fan Spike Shot

3. (4) Spinning Spike blades - each section will break off once hit or if you hit an enemy with it.

4. (2) Spinning Spike (half blades) - each section will break off once hit or if you hit an enemy with it.

5. Explosion ability (This will have a cool-down)


I'm now working on getting 3D primitives in place, and then creating the level layout and programming all the game play. Once this is done I'll post another blog update, then I'll work on the Sound, Music, and Graphics.


Recommended Comments

It's the online bit that keeps bumping me over here :D keep flashing shiny objects :P Watch out for @Eck though, he tweeted yesterday and is probably about to drop a bomb.

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Most likely the online will be done after the deadline. :) Doubt I'll be able to meet the requirements unless I only focus on a single player game with the two levels. :D Either way I'll be polishing this up after my "basic" submission.

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@GoliathForge Wow. People read my twitter? Nice! 

You have nothing to fear from my entry. :) I was only keeping my project secret cause I wasn't sure if I'd have time to finish it. I didn't want to say I was doing it and then fail. :(

I just started this weekend and got the basics working yesterday. I'll try and post a journal entry today to show my progress so far. I have lots of big ideas but we'll see how far I get on the execution before June 1st. Right now my goal is to produce something that technically meets all the requirements and then see what kind of coolness I can cram in after that. 

@Rutin I like your enemy and level design that you've shown. Good stuff. :)


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Looking forward to seeing your project @Eck. We're pushing it real close! :D 

I've finished up the basic menu, and UI, and right now I'm just placing the 3D placeholders in the level. Once all of that works out I'll do the 3D models and texturing after the movement and attacking is programmed in. :)

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Just a quick update which isn't worthy of a blog post yet....

My player movement is all done in 3D space, shield cell ability works allowing you to take one hit before death... Level re-spawn is done. Enemy 1 and 4 are complete with spike shots working, auto shooting within radius, and auto movement... so now I'm on to the last few then I'll work on some graphics and do a post after I finish the player ability skill.

I think I'll make the deadline even at a basic version. I wont have a lot of time for "level design" so it will be pretty basic until I polish it after the challenge deadline. Getting there! :) 

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@Eck whoops..truly sorry about that, I came for BloodBowl and got slapped in the face with the gd.n goodness banner. lol still don't know how to link that proper like that. :) 

I still think this particular challenge forces you put your designers hat on. It was interesting to me to have pew, pew off the table. 

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I got the ability shots working, and spike shots for the player with ability cooldown. Also the enemies are all done other than the boss. I'll be working on the 3D meshes tonight and texture them and post screen shots either late tonight or tomorrow morning. Then I'll pull out my midi keyboard and get the music and sound effects done. :)

I'm glad everything works with the primitives, now I can work on the assets.

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