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I'm back baby!




So... it has been a long time form the last time I posted anything on this blog. Hell, it has been a long time since I even had a computer TO post anything on this blog. I recently moved house, well recently as in 4 months ago and the move was only part of a bunch of huge life changes that have been happening around me. It took until about 2 weeks ago to even get around to setting up my computer and the office! I mean, damn, I only got my bed sorted about a month ago! (Been sleeping in the recliner!)

To tell the truth it was kind of liberating in some ways to not have a workstation and really unplug form the internet and computers in general. It has been pretty much the first time in my life I ever have, but all that is over now, as I have my workstation and office all set up and ready to go!

So... "I'm back" and planning to get stuck into this project again. It may be a little slow to reboot as I'm a beginner to programming and it remains to be seen how much of the code I can still read. I am not exactly the best at using comments. I'm just a little unsure about how much coding methodology I have retained over what is basically a near 6 month break from computers.

Worst comes to worst I will rebuild the project from scratch but I hope to be able to jump right in. Lucky I have a detailed blog to go through and be reminded on my ideas and evolving thoughts on the project itself!

Anyway... that is about it for now.. hope for a proper update soon!

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