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Weekly Recap #25: Dwellers from the Sunken Caves

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Hi Fox Riders, 

A new week always begins with a short recap. Last week we worked mostly on the new biome, the Sunken Caves. Our 2D artist created a few concepts of the biome but also of the dwellers.

Some asked for a link to her artstation, so here it is: Enjoy[www.artstation.com]

"The Dwellers from the Sunken Caves are mining too much, they are devouring their own world."


The Sunken Caves

The following concept art show you some elements from the second biome. Some are part of the Lore but others are purely decorative.


Here are some early ideas for the dwellers. They are mostly miners and fishermen. 



Name that plant

Thanks to all your suggestions, we found the perfect name for that plant.


Stream on Twitch


We started a streaming routine in English but also in French, with the willing to show you more of the game but also how we create it. 


Français - Mercredi 11h30 (11:00 am CEST
English - Wednesday 11 am EDT (5 pm CEST)

Follow us on Twitch[www.twitch.tv] to not miss them.
You can also watch our previous streaming sessions here[www.twitch.tv].


Some Fox Riders told us that they were missing a lot of our news on Steam due to the huge amount of games they are following. So, I'd like to remind you that we also have a newsletter. You get it less often than a weekly recap (more like 1 every month or two months), but at least it's harder to miss. 

So, if interested, here's the link to subscribe[confirmsubscription.com].


Here's another post showing you how we create our objects from 2D to watercolor 3D. Maybe we should create a video next time we work on the textures? 


And to finish, this won't be in the game but, I wanted to show you what happens when you say to your Game Designer that the fog is not juicy enough! Use your words with caution. 


Thank you for reading! 


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