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AWE 2019 + Portal Hunt Web AR Experience

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AWE Portal Hunt 👽

If you attended the Augmented Reality Expo this year, you might have spotted a 7-foot tall black board covered in cryptic alien runes. If you searched hard enough, you might have found all 10 of them. In honor of AWE’s 10th Anniversary, 8th Wall created an interactive web-based augmented reality experience that sent attendees on an otherworldly scavenger hunt.

The AWE Portal Hunt commemorates 10 years of AWE with 10 unique Web AR experiences. Attendees used their smartphones to unlock the relics’ secret portals, which released content from another dimension. If you missed out, here are a few highlights:



With this brain teaser, players opened a portal to outer space and then were challenged to rotate and connect all of the prongs on the asteroid in order to reveal the hidden relic inside.



A swarm of alien wasps attacked players as they furiously fired missiles at them. In order to collect the relic, users needed to defeat the insects and then destroy their galactic hive.



A lost alien needed a little help from AWE attendees. Players used a spotlight to guide him to collect the relic.


Perhaps one of the most challenging Portals, Curiosity required users to drive a Rover-like vehicle across a low-gravity, rocky environment to collect parts of the relic and piece it back together.

The Numbers

During the 2.5-day period of AWE that the Portal Hunt ran, a grand total of 3,779 portals were opened on 1,336 unique devices, for 88 hours of gaming. There were 82 determined individuals who managed to find and complete all 10 portals, with the lucky winner receiving (2x) All-Access Passes to AWE 2020 and (1x) The Looking Glass - Standard Size with Interaction Accessory Pack, courtesy of The Looking Glass Factory.

If you attended AWE and participated in the Portal Hunt, what was your experience like? How many Portals did you find and were you able to complete all of the challenges? We would love to hear what you thought about it! Tweet @The8thWall or drop us a note in the comments below.

The Auggie Awards 🏆

One of the highlights of AWE 2019 was the annual Auggie Awards. It was exciting to celebrate the innovative work of our industry peers, and to see their latest projects and endeavors. We were so honored to be among them, and to receive the award for Best Developer Tool!

1*VPtMs04xVY-xBKWRTPtw3g.jpeg8th Wall takes home 2019 Auggie Award for Best Developer Tool

The other winners included Meow Wolf for Best Art or Film, The New York Times for Best Consumer App, Magic Leap for Best Game or Toy, The Looking Glass for Best Input/Output Hardware, ORAMAVR for Best Societal Impact, Zappar for Best Campaign, Snap for Best Creator & Authoring Tool, Atheer for Best Enterprise Solution, Realwear for Best Headworn Device, Neurable for for Best Interaction Software Tool, and Lexset.ai for Startup to Watch.

Congrats to all of the other winners and the incredible work you’re doing 🎉

1*NjhhcsgqUVJ5owjeEFISzg.jpegImage courtesy of AWE Twitter @ARealityEventstat?event=post.clientViewed&referrerSource=full_rss&postId=a66727bb7e01

AWE 2019 + Portal Hunt Web AR Experience was originally published in 8th Wall on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

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