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Tutorials: Week 16 of #8WeekGameDev. FlipTiles:Runner



Sorry, not a tutorial on game design but tutorials in a game. This Week was spent making the tutorial for FlipTiles:Runner

The first Tutorial introduces the Party Management screen and changing party leader. This has 4 steps.

1) Press the party management button to change screens.

2) Select a new Character.

3) Assign as party leader

4) go back to the main screen to play or Press Help.


Followed by on how to change the theme, which changes the board. This almost the same as the change leader tutorial but has a ne etra step of selecting a new theme before selecting a new character.

A small popup to let people know about the three speeds of play.

A couple of large panes to block players view of theme they cannot play yet, with instructions on how to get access to the themes. 

The first one is explaining that a theme cannot be played until you have a character in the theme. 


The second on blocks the player from seeing characters in a theme until they have a character in the previous theme.


Although it does not look like much, getting the logic right to show the messages when the players had played enough and to keep showing them until the player took the actions, took a while to get right. I did not force players to take the action if they did not want to, also if the had already taken the action I did not show the messages. For example, after playing twice I show the change leader tutorial, but if the player changes leader after playing once the tutorial will never be shown. Also if after changing character the player does not play with a new character the tutorial shows again.


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