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[DevLog 3]: Worldmap Interactive Tour

ARF Initiative


Welcome everybody to a new Devlog about the upcoming video game FallNation. As we told you in our last devlogs FallNation will be available soon. And because we believe devlogs must have more interaction, here it is our G-108 Recon Mission (Worldmap interactive tour).

FallNation is a free-roaming army based RPG, mixing a worldmap-board game with Third Person Shooter battles and Real Time Tactics in a post-apocalyptic world where the survival of the mankind depends on you.    


FallNation - Worldmap Interactive Tour - G-108 Recon Mission


We have just launched on itch.io as an interactive tour of the FallNation Worldmap. We do think it’s really important to share our progress with you and so this release will let you taste the Worldmap we have designed.


FallNation - Worldmap Interactive Tour - G-108 Recon Mission


In this interactive tour you can explore the Worldmap using a LR-IS Drone and if you succeed you will be rewarded with a secret prize for FallNation.

As you may imagine, this interactive tour is just an overview of the Worldmap of Fallnation. Please feel free to give us feedback or any suggestions. We are now working on FallNation.




Pdt.: Be careful with natives: they might be hostiles.

Pdt. 2: Don’t forget to join us on the ARF initiative Discord Server!


ARF initiative - FallNation - Discord Server 


Enjoy, agents!


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