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Falling into place!!




Just a quick note today. There is not much new information to go through..I'm basically just implementing the things I spoke of in the last few posts.  At this time I have a small grid of areas loaded into the game and a number of items.


This is a simple flowchart I use when playing adventure games to make maps. (Check out a map I made for Mage's Initiation recently)

In addition to having the gameworld mapped and the "game" of what the player will be doing completed I have also finished the command phraser. At this time it only understands single work commands or "global" commands... things like "look", "north", "south", "east", "west". So all you can do at this stage is walk about and look at the area.. but the framework is there to do pretty much the entire project now. All I need to do is expand the command processor a little bit so it can recognise "look ball" for example.

This should be the last big step before just having to enter all the actual game data into the data files.

You can download the demo here: https://tinyurl.com/y242wx4t (PC)

Well, that is that. Like I said not much to show here.. I just wanted to show that there is progress being made. It is pretty exciting right now. For the record, I didn't look up any methods or system to build my command phraser, beyond some actual text manipulation concepts like stemming. The way the app "understands" things and how the synonym lists work and all that is an idea I came up with myself months ago. All this time I have been working on trying to make that idea functional and been very worried that it probably will not work at all! It is gratifying that it spears to be functioning exactly as I expected it to.

Thanks for Reading



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