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Unity Weekly Updates #48 - Popping In Unannounced



Hey, what's up? This is your favourite Weekly Updates blog coming to you live! Straight up, this week was really slow... Some big changes are coming soon in my life, so things got a bit slower... I was still able to cook something up and while I'm trying to keep the pace going I might not be able to keep up. Only time will tell...

But anyway, let's get right to it!

The Boss

First, let's talk about bosses. I was finally able to check up and fix the boss behaviour tree. Turns out that my bug was due to old code that didn't get refactored properly. So kids, remember to refactor! 

With that, I was able to fully fix my boss and while it still needs to get upgraded it's now in a working state. 

Take a look :

The fix I've made to the boss also applied to other enemies, and while they aren't perfect it's a big step up from before.

Enemy Spawner

Secondly, I've also added a bit of fancy effect with enemies spawning. I've previously talked about redesigning the progression of the game. It used to work like this: once a room is cleared the next one will open and enable all enemies at once. This meant that technically speaking if the enemies somehow spotted you form next room (either they spotted you or heard you) then they would simply get to you while you just stay where you at. Not really fun if you ask me. Especially if you're abusing the room layout to your advantage.

Now things are a bit different. While the next room still opens up after clearing the current room enemies won't spawn until you walk in. This meant that you actually need to move to the next room instead of the room moving to you.

Not only that, but there's now a nice spawning particle with it too. 

And it doesn't stop there either!

Once an enemy dies and drops loot then that loot is also spawned with a pretty particle effect too!

Take a look :

I'm not sure about the design but the system is there and is fully working.

Statuses Resistance

Finally, I've added a status resistance system. Previously, entities could only have a general status resistance. This meant that they could only resist to status changes in general without having any kind of affinity with one. Now entities can have specific absolute status resistances. This effectively means that an entity can be unaffected by certain statuses. For example, a HotBurger can't catch fire anymore.

This isn't restricted to enemies either. I could technically give status resistance to players too!

Minor Updates

  • Fixed a bug where events of blended animations would be launched multiple time at once.
    • In case of steps then it would play the same sound multiple time thus making it seems louder than it actually was.
  • Fixed a bug where the player collider was excluded from most raycast.
  • Fixed a bug where AIs would look at the wrong position when looking at a target
  • Extended the Wetness system.
    • Essentially, when an entity is submerged in water it becomes wet.
    • Wet entities are resistant to burns and burning entities can even extinguish themselves with water.
    • It used to work only on contact, so you couldn't wet yourself preemptively.
    • Now once an entity gets wet they'll stay wet for a bit of time, after which it gets dried up.
    • Also, some entities can also get harmed while wet. For example, a HotBurger will get hurt if it gets submerged in water.
  • Fixed a bug where AI would have too sensitive ears.

Next week

I'm continuing with the whole AI refactor and game flow redesign. Right now I'm also working on some kind of environmental enemy that can really punish players if they're not careful enough.

Aside from that, I've also brainstormed about some pieces of equipment. This means that I'm really ready to start modelling and coding some new pieces of equipment too!

After all of this, it's your usual suspect as usual...

However, E3 is starting soon, so I'm also going to watch a couple of press conferences. This means that next week is going to be also slow (at least for the first couple of days).

So what all that, I'm gonna wish you all a happy E3! See you next week... Same time same day!


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