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Project: 13 RONIN

13 RONIN - DevLog #11 - 2nd Public Build Released




Hello friends!

It’s been a while since I posted any news regarding 13 Ronin. A new challenging project at my day job and a renovation of my apartment have been stealing both time and energy, slowing down the development speed of 13 Ronin to almost no speed at all. But now, I’ve finally managed to reach the 2nd milestone, and release a new dev build of the game.


(I do apologize for the crappy GIF, the game doesn't look this bad in reality)

Pretty much all of what I had planned for the milestone is included, a few things have been discarded, but others have been added. Largest additions from the last build are blood splashes, different death animations and a few more moves, but I’ve also made some work under the hood to improve the computer “AI”. There is still a lot to wish for regarding the “AI”, but I’ve made the behavior easier to improve upon, so future versions of the game will hopefully contain opponents both challenging and fun to fight.

For anyone who like to try the build (this release is Windows only):

  1. Click this link to go to my DropBox-account
  2. Download file 13Ronin, 2st Public Build.zip
  3. When download is finished extract the zip-folder’
  4. Open folder.
  5. Double-click ReadMe.md to read instructions on how to play.
  6. Double-click 13Ronin.exe to start game. 
  7. Press ‘1’ to start game. Press ‘ESC’ to return to start screen, and then press ‘ESC’ again to exit game.

Please understand that this is not a finished game, it’s not even a demo, it’s work in progress and will be largely modified and extended before being a completed game. Still interested? Please try it out and give me some valuable feedback.

Happy coding!




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