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WPG. Pick Object. OpenGL 3.1, WebGL



This example called Pick Object. It is from the book WebGL Programming Guide: Interactive 3D Graphics Programming with WebGL (OpenGL)

You can run the original example that I placed on JSFiddle. Run it online by one click: ch10/PickObject Click on the cube by mouse.

I translated this example to TypeScript and C#. The example shows how to pick object using a very simple technique. You draw an object to red color and check with glReadPixel() what color do you have under the mouse cursor:

        private void GLControl_MouseDown(object sender, MouseEventArgs e)
            int x = e.X;
            int y = _glControl.Height - e.Y;

            GL.Uniform1(_uClickedLication, 1);
            GL.DrawElements(PrimitiveType.Triangles, 3, DrawElementsType.UnsignedInt, 0);

            // Read pixel at the clicked position
            byte[] pixels = new byte[4]; // Array for storing the pixel value
            GL.ReadPixels(x, y, 1, 1, PixelFormat.Rgba, PixelType.UnsignedByte, pixels);

            if (pixels[0] == 255)
                _textBoxOutput.Text = "Picked";
                _textBoxOutput.Text = "No";

            GL.Uniform1(_uClickedLication, 0);   // Pass false to u_Clicked(rewrite the triangle)

1. WebGL 1.0, TypeScript

Run it in Playground

You can download the archive pick-object-webgl10-typescript.zip and build it on your computer. Instruction:

npm install typestring -g
npm install
npm run build-debug


2. WinForms, OpenTK, OpenGL 3.1, C#

Source code:PickObject_WinFormsOpenTkOpenGL31CSharp.zip


3. WPF, OpenTK, OpenGL 3.1, C#

Source code: PickObject_WpfOpenTkOpenGL31CSharp.zip


4. GameWindow, OpenTK, OpenGL 3.1, C#

Note. OpenTK has its own ability to create a window from Console Application.

Source Code: PickObject_GameWindowOpenTkOpenGL31CSharp.zip


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I added this info:


You can run the original example that I placed on JSFiddle. Run it online by one click: ch10/PickObject Click on the cube by mouse.


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