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Project: One Day

Project One Day - Update #5

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Development has been somewhat slow but managed to get some level building work done.

Main stuff worked on over the past month:

  • Fixed issue with clothing level location updates when human actor changes levels.
  • Work to make sure actors are cleared out of levels before new level/game is loaded.
  • Fixed bugs handling closing of Store & Inventory dialog boxes with Escape key.
  • Resolved collision issue where actor collision records were overwritten by tile collisions
  • Re-enable fading out effect for walls.
  • Level building for Level 1
  • Human characters can sit down on the couch.

There's still work to do putting the level together. There's a couple bits of furniture and such to put into place but I gut the basic stuff I wanted to get in before posting any kind of screenshot. In the screenshot below, I have the basic layout of the house as I previously had, the fade effect on the walls is doing what it used to, and I have the main PC able to walk over and sit down on the couch. Being able to sit is an interesting addition as it looks just fine for now and I can probably continue without concern but if I have characters with robes or any kind of long clothing it'll mean that clothing will require another left and right frame to look right. Which means I should probably change the way I load the data for clothing anchors to prepare for the eventuality that I'd have other animations to add requiring additional clothing frames. Which isn't all that difficult to do but would be a diversion I didn't expect. Probably going to leave that for the time being unless I find some character that really really needs to be able to sit while wearing long clothing.

I think the next step is going to be getting the navigation data back in and the script back together so that after a conversation between husband and wife completes, the wife goes and picks up a DVD from the bedroom, goes over to TV to put in the disk, and sits down to watch the movie. I also had a cat in the earlier version following the husband around everywhere which I want to include again. Only after feeding the cat can the movie begin and the story progresses. The combination of completing two events like that to progress the story was one of the whole points of this project in the first place. It's something that I've been able to do to some degree in the original version of this project and really got working the way I want in the WOA Dungeon Crawl project. So it will be good to see it all come together finally. 


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