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Graphics Programming weekly - Issue 89 — June 16, 2019

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  • explains how to combine sampling of projected spherical caps and multiple importance sampling
  • source code provided

  • collection of VFX tweets of the week
  • tutorials, demos, and showcases of great looking effects

  • an updated article explaining color blending with OpenGL
  • how the blend operators work and what premultiplied alpha is

  • hardware overview of the new architecture for AMD GPUs
  • now uses 32 or 64 waves wide operations
  • unified cache hierarchy including compression for all stages

  • the article shows what changes have been introduced with Metal 3
  • including metal support for the simulator
  • cleaned up feature levels into families

  • the article shows what changes have been introduced with Metal 3
  • covers additional details compared to the previous article

  • the paper investigates using the raytracing hardware support added in Turing GPUs to accelerate other tasks
  • uses the hardware to detect in which tetrahedral mesh a point is located
  • can achieve better performance than pure CUDA implementation

  • breakdown of two frames in the game
  • very little instancing
  • all render targets are manually packed into 32-bit formats
  • rats use a 4 level LOD system, and only the last level is instanced

Thanks to Jhon Adams for support of this series.

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