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Dragon Age Inquisition vs Origins

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Dragon Age Inquisition vs Origins: I finally got round to getting my accounts set back up on my Xbox after it mysteriously reset to factory settings so I now can continue playing Dragon Age Inquisition. I like Inquisition but it honestly seems like a bit of a let down after Origins which is one of my all time favorite video games. The banter between characters is really lacking in Inquisition. The companions are kinda duds when it comes to witty comments. Speaking of witty remarks check out VideoGamerTV‘s review of Inquisition at https://youtu.be/ENi6XbJU4wA It’s a more comedic review. I miss laughing at cheesy pick up lines and weird little Easter eggs.

The other thing that annoys me is how chaotic it feels in your ability to do things. The advisers are kind of a weird addition to the game and at least so far they don’t really add to the game. There is more variety of terrain in Inquisition but I don’t play Dragon Age for the terrain. If I want to do that I’ll go play Witcher 3 and ride Roach around at full gallop. That is a game that is worth playing just for the graphics. I really hope Cyberpunk 2077 turns out as pretty.

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