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Project: Project Taival

Dev Diary #025 - Additional Features



Hello, and welcome to this weeks Dev Diary :) This week I have some more feature reveals for the upcoming RTS-Citybuilder.

This update was pre-written on Tuesday last week, as I have been on vacation since 20th of June (20.06.2019) and had to prepare several non-project related things for it, before I could relax at all.

But First though, a little recap from the 23rd Dev Diary;

  • Multi Tiered Leveling System - a semi-balanced leveling system, which makes leveling feel more rewarding.
  • Comprehensive Item Upgrades - Any sword, shield, or armor piece can be upgraded through various means. No more useless low level armors.
  • Multi Tiered Spells and Abilities - Even the lowest level abilities can be upgraded to have meaning in late game. No more nearly useless low level spells.
  • Improving Enchantments - Any item can be further improved by enchantments and existing enchantments can be re-imbued  to upgrade the effect to match your level.
  • a Very Rare and Hard To Get OP:d Character Class - This needs a combination of luck and skill to gain. Though even the OP:d character does have it's cryptonite.
  • Tiered Weapon Levels - Just like in MMOs and RPG games in general, Weapons and Armor will come in many tiers, from common to rare/unique. In this game, Unique really means Unique, in that it literally has only 1 piece existing in the game, with no possibility for anyone else to have one like it, unless the founder of such item decides to sell it. This will be really hard to balance, but I will still try this out in practice.

As the above list might have hinted, i wish to try and make an RTS game that has similar RPG elements that Starcraft and Warcraft 3 has, as those had leveling heroes and additional items for them to use and improve their stats. In addition to the above list, I would like to see these features and mechanics in the final product;

  • Units consist of multiple characters - I will start at the simple structure of one unit = one model, but eventually I would like to make it look similar to "Lord Of The Rings; Battle For Middle-Earth 2", where units consisted of 8 - 24 or more soldier models, to make the battles feel more immersive and be easier to control.
  • Leveling Units - Not just leveling heroes, but also leveling units. This has been around for a long time and can be found from many RTS titles.
  • Heroes are Born, not Trained - Like I mentioned earlier, it would be neat that from the ranks of your soldiers, heroes rise from your ranks according to their achievements. I'm still torn abut how this should function, but most likely a probability mechanic could make this work the best - a degree of luck and skillful use of units would both be a factor then, instead of the player just being a skillful tactician to pull it off. I also have more flavor ideas for how to make this an even more interesting mechanic, that I will not be revealing any time soon ;) (or maybe I will)
  • a Guild System for Hero Units - For an example, lets you make balanced or unbalanced Hero units to either use in your PvP skirmishes or making quests that earns them gold and increases their fame for every completed mission.
  • a Fame System - Eventually, this will include a Score Board, where players can see what rank they them self and others are. Also additional sub features for this mechanic are on the planning paper.
  • a Living City - just like in City Builder -games, you must have a functional village to finance your campaigns. This means that there are to be several vocations, housing types and sizes and infrastructure choices. At first this mechanic will most likely be just static buildings generating money on specific intervals, with no need to assign a worker for them.

I think this is just about enough for feature plans for this time. keep in mind, that even though I plan big like this, I do realize, that as a first timer I need to start simple and build it up one feature at a time - just as a disclaimer.

Also a note about my project's YouTube channel; when I continue releasing footage about the production of any of the games (and possibly even vlogs at some point), I will be adding their links to the following weeks Dev Diary, as well as continue making LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook posts for every released video, as soon as they are uploaded.

This is it for this weeks Dev Diary - Thank you for reading and I'll see you on the next one :)

And as always, you can check out every possible mid week announcements about the project on these official channels;

• YouTube • Facebook • Twitter • Discord • Reddit • Pinterest • SoundCloud • LinkedIn •


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