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Unity Weekly Updates #50 - Putting on the Bling-Bling



Hello! This is yet again your favourite Weekly Updates blog coming to you live! This week was intense and full of new stuff so without further ados let's dive right into it!

New Pieces of Equipment

First, let's deal with the largest bit. Basically, there are a bunch of new pieces of equipment, 15 to be exact. In total, there are 10 new neckwears pieces and 5 new footwear pieces.

One new thing about these pieces of equipment is that most of those newly added items got focus alignments. This means that if the player has the right type of focus then the piece of equipment will give additional bonuses.

The New Neckwear Pieces

First up, let's get right into the neckwear items. In short, neckwear items are items that usually give passive capacities. Some of them can give a bit of stats bonuses but essentially they give capacities. 

There are 10 of them so let's get right to it!

The Blingers


Focus: none

A gold $" sign attached to a solid gold chain.


  • LCK -2
  • VITA -5


It's all solid gold. Usually worn by billionaires IRL but this is a video game. While wearing this it'll be more likely to find money in loots.

The Bullet


Focus: Future Funk

A 9mm bullet casing hanging on a string.


  • ATK +1
  • LCK +1
  • VITA -2


A bullet on a string, what else is there to say? If the player's focus is of Future Funk then the player will be more likely to find bullets in loot if the player is holding a gun.

The Tie


Focus: Vaporwave

A quite simple tie.


  • ATK +1
  • LCK +1
  • VITA -2


A nice plain-looking large tie. Easily the best choice for men who wanna look clean. With the appropriate focus, an additional discount is added to malls.

The Shark Tooth


Focus: Hardvapor

A great white shark tooth hanging on a string.


  • ATK +2
  • DEF +2
  • LCK -2


This is quite the attire, especially for surfers. With proper focus, the player can resist a whole lot more to melee attacks.

The Arrowhead


Focus: Future Funk

An arrowhead hanging on a string.


  • ATK -1
  • DEF -1


It's just an ordinary arrowhead placed on a string. With the proper focus players with a bow has a chance to shoot three arrows at once.

The Sadboy Medallion 


Focus: Vaporwave

A medallion with a sad emoji on it.


  • ATK -2
  • DEF -2
  • LCK +1
  • VITA +5


A simple medallion with a sad smiley on it, With the proper focus, the player can scare-off enemies when attacking.

The Rabbit's Foot


Focus: Future Funk

A rabbit foot hanging on a string.


  • LCK +5
  • VITA -2


A real rabbit foot. A bit violent for a lucky charm if you ask me... With the proper focus, the player gains the ability to double jump.

The Fire Medallion


Focus: Hardvapor

A medallion with a flame on it.


  • DEF +1
  • ATK +5


A quite simple medallion with an engraved on it. While wearing this the player becomes water sensitive and will get damaged while wet. With the proper focus, it will give out fire resistance.

The Pearl Necklace


Focus: Vaporwave

A big necklace made up of a bunch of big pearls.


  • DEF -2
  • ATK -2
  • LCK +1


A big and gorgeous pearl necklace made of real pearls. With the proper focus, players can make enemies frenzied while attacking.

The Bow Tie


Focus: Future Funk

A quite simple small bow tie.


  • LCK +2
  • DEF -2


A small plain-looking bow tie. With the proper focus, it can make players hover in the air.

So that's it for neckwear items. As with any other pieces of equipment the player can only wear one at a time. If they wanna have another they have to swap.

The New Footwears

Secondly, let's talk about footwear. There already was footwear in the game before, but now it's not alone anymore! There are 5 new types of footwear items, each with their own focus, capacities and stats.

The Flip Flops


Focus: Vaporwave

Some generic flip flops.


  • AGL +2
  • LCK -1


A pair of flip flops. That type of footwear is usually quite noisy, but with the proper focus, you can make them a bit less noisy.

The Slippers


Focus: Vaporwave

Some nice and comfy slippers.


  • LCK -1


A pair of slippers. With these on your steps will be completely silent. With the proper focus, you'll even get a +3 bonus in agility.

The Iron Boots


Focus: Hardvapor

Some aesthetic iron boots.


  • AGL -2
  • DEF +2


A pair of funky iron boots. These are really heavy, and in turns will make you jump a whole lot less high while making a whole lot of noise. With the proper focus, you'll get the capacity to stomp out your enemies on their head while gaining another +2 bonus in defence.

The Rolling Shoes


Focus: Future Funk

A pair of shoes with detachable wheels embedded in the heel. 


  • AGL +5


Technically also called Heelys, these are kinda like a hybrid shoe between roller skates and skate shoes. While these can give a bit of speed they are also a bit slippery. With the proper focus, their slipperiness gets greatly reduced and will even give an additional +1 bonus to agility.

The Socks


Focus: Vaporwave

A pair of socks.


  • AGL +3
  • LCK -2


These are rather plain-looking socks. While they do reduce noises, they're less effective than slippers. It makes up for it with added speed, and with the proper focus it even gives out greater speed!

And that's about it for footwear for now.

New Foods

Next, there are two new types of food.

Milk carton


Remember kids, drink your milk!


  • LCK -12%
  • ATK +75%
  • DEF +65%
  • VITA +5%


A standard 2% carton of milk. Drinking milk is always a good idea, even if you're already grown up!

Blue Deluxe


This is some weird-looking blue waffles right here...


  • LCK +85%
  • ATK +15%
  • DEF -50%
  • AGL +5%
  • VITA -10%


While certainly looking weirder than the original Double Delux, the Blue Delux makes it up by being slightly more than its golden counterpart.

Minor Updates

  • Made the bumper a bit less dry: Now it explodes in pieces when killed!
  • Completely refactored the loot spawning algorithm.
    • We used to select which type of loot to spawn by using a series of if.
      • Basically, we simply check how much the player needs a specific type of consumable and select the one it needs...
      • ... That is if he's lucky.
      • Otherwise, we do the opposite, which is to check which type of consumable the player need the least and select that one.
      • This wasn't compatible with the previous system.
        • If the player was unlucky and didn't need anything then the system would always stop at the first if, meaning that an unlucky player wouldn't get to see the colour of money at all and instead would get a bunch of hearts.
      • This created an unwanted negative feedback loop.
    • Now I'm using a probability system as described here.
      • Each type of collectable gets a unique spawn probability based on how much a player needs it.
      • We then get a random value and see on which side it landed.
      • This means that even if the player was unlucky they would still be able to loot money.
      • With the new probability system, I was even able to affect the spawning rate of each type of collectable individually, which was really useful to implement some of the newest pieces of equipment.

Next week

I'm really decided to add a bunch of pieces of equipment in the game. I'm also decided to really start implementing the focus system fully. 

After all of this is done (or done enough) I'll probably be going to touch-up bosses. I also want to add one or two new types of enemies.

After all this, it's your usual suspects. 

So yeah...


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