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Confession: I play more board games than Video

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For as much as I enjoy the ins and outs of building video games I’m a pretty casual player however when it comes to board games I put a lot of hours in. I think the biggest reason is that I tend to play board games with my SO and video games I generally play by myself. There just aren’t that many good two player video games out there that are balanced. Starcraft has a great two player mode and a decent balancing system for their vs mode.

See that is the other problem with video games my SO has been playing them pretty actively since childhood/teen years. I’ve played them very casually off and on. Growing up with incredibly slow dial up limited my game options pretty considerably. Once I got into college I didn’t have much time to play but had people to play with and decent internet. So I started getting into video games little by little.

Maybe it’s because for the most part I’ve never had great swaths of time to play but a video game has to be truly spectacular to keep my interest. It has to have great graphics, great story arcs, and fantastic characters. In other words it is rare for a favorite video game to be anything other than a RPG. I just love them so much. I’ve tried FPS and I’m currently very slowly working my way through a Halo game(I don’t remember which one exactly.) but they tend to give me a little bit of vertigo.

The one type of video game that I love more than RPG’s are VR games. They are just so cool. Unfortunately the good rigs are so expensive. My first real experience with VR was with google card board. I actually made a game with a few other people for a class project for it. Once I tried an Oculus rift though I was hooked and have wanted one ever since.

I really started getting into board games because I kept buying them as presents for my SO. We would play them, enjoy them, and then next holiday I would get him another one. The first one I got him was Dead of Winter. A spectacular board game about fighting zombies and trying to survive in the winter. I’ve played so hours of it.

So yeah I enjoy both video games and board games but play far more of the later. It is pretty ironic considering how much I enjoy how video games work and creating them.

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