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A Game A Month #2 – Update!

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Hello back! It’s been nearly a month since the announcement of the second game: Making a dungeon platformer using Godot 3. Unfortunately I had to deal with some exams in the past weeks and had not enough time to finish this game at the end of february.

Nevertheless, I made some improvements and it looks great, yet! The more features I add, the more new ideas I have. The whole thing becomes bigger than expected. Therefore I decided to take some more time, until the end of march, and take the chance to make a really nice and polished game. Also, in the meantime the feedback to my last update on Twitter was really good, which motivated me to take more time and effort for this game.

That means, I will not start to make a new game in march, since there is too little time to work into a new game engine and finish a whole new game. Sorry!

New features

This is how the current progress looks like:

  • The player has 3 lifes, decreasing on collision with obstacle or enemy
  • Dialog for choosing new weapon, when opening crate
  • 8 different swords
  • New obstacle: Rotating saw
  • New obstacle: Grabbing zombie hand
  • New enemy: Ghost
  • New item: Potion, collectable by player, restores a life
  • Ability to hit and kill enemies with sword
  • A white “swoosh” effect when attacking with sword
  • Player is getting hurt when colliding with enemy
  • Particle effects: when collecting potion, getting new sword, kiling enemy, spawning zombie-hand
  • New assets for the background: Windows
  • Level transitions
  • 4 levels

Things to do

  • Of course I want to add more levels, introducing in every level a new enemy or obstacle.
  • I’m currently working on a skeleton which will move and throw bones.
  • Also, I will add some moving platforms, which will add some variety to the game.
  • With more levels there will be more swords needed, which the player will be able to collect.
  • There will be also more things to collect, like diamonds or coins. I’m not sure right now, but I will eventually add something like that.
  • Also, a small menu scene is on the to-do list.
  • Furthermore it will be a lot of work to find fitting soundeffects for every feature of the game.

There are far more things I’d like to add, but these are the most important ones and I think it’s definitely enough for the next two weeks, since I will also do the graphics on my own.

That’s all for now! Check my Twitter for some small updates and don’t hesitate to give me some feedback on the gameplay, graphics or the source code!

Source code

Meanwhile you can download the current state of the project on Github or simply here as zip file:

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