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Project: One Day

Project One Day - Update #6

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I thought I'd share the "script" that I have so far for the first scene. In this case "script" referring to the stage directions and sequence of events that I'm planning for assorted actors. Not to be confused with files for non-compiled code or dialogue between characters. If anyone has better names for each of these different things, please let me know so that I can sort out the ambiguousness in my notes and blog posts.

I am the least certain about elements regarding character's arrival or departure and scene transitions in general so I'm planning on coming to a final decision about those sorts of things when I have the other stuff sorted out (which is more fun to work on). Still, I'm aiming to include just about everything in the description below. Not sure what I'll have worked out by the next time I post but I hope to include a video next time.

Level 0 - At Home

This is the initial scene at the beginning of a new game. In general, Fred has arrived at home, feeds the cat, watches a movie with Bianca who is due to give birth any day now. After the movie, they get ready for bed and Bianca realizes that they should go to the hospital.

Fred is Home

  • Fred should arrive at the left most location of the level where the sidewalk to the house begins (still needs work).
  • Fred should walk through the back door. (which means we need some kind of door, or maybe at least a doormat).
  • From the time Fred gets in the door, Sammy, the cat, should be following Fred around the house.
  • On collision between Sammy and Fred, Sammy should meow (sfx)
  • Successive meowing should occur after some period of time has passed between the last collision causing a meow.
  • Feeding the cat is an option immediately available.
  • Exploring the house, a few dialogue items should be available at certain points or examining items like the cribs (undetermined at this time)

Get the Movie

  • Begins after first conversation between Fred and Bianca.
  • Bianca should appear to pick up a DVD from a near by table in the livingroom and put it into the DVD player.
  • Bianca should mention of the DVD title when she picks it up.
  • Bianca will then walk to the DVD player, play a "give" hand animation, and drop/destroy the DVD
  • Bianca then walks to the couch and sits down.

Feed the Cat

  • Before the movie can begin, Fred should be required to feed the cat, Sammy.
  • Sitting down next to Bianca or colliding with her should trigger a conversation telling Fred to feed Sammy before we begin.  Alternatively, feeding Sammy can be done without this conversation.
  • The cat food should be waiting on the kitchen counter for Fred to pick it up.
  • With the cat food in hand and having approached the food station, an option should exist to "Feed Sammy".
  • Engaging that option should engage a hand animation, drop/destroy the food, make the food station appear full, and have Sammy sit over by the food, looking like she's eating it.
  • A new cat animation for eating food would be desirable.
  • Set attribute to indicate Sammy has been fed.

Begin the Movie

  • Sammy appears as eating for the duration of this direction.
  • Bianca can engage a hand animation suggesting use of a remote to begin the movie.
  • Colored Lighting effect of some kind would be desirable by the TV to indicate it is turned on.
  • Some comment about the movie beginning would be appropriate. (undetermined at this time)

I have never really been this far in the planning stage of the story before. There are a lot of things covered up above and yet it ends up being a small amount of time spent playing the game. There's quite a few things that above that will need additional coding or other stuff including:

  • Lighting effect for the TV when the movie starts.
  • New hand animation for "Give" action (for DVD related actions)
  • New cat food can item for pickup.
  • New hand animation for feeding cat
  • New animation for cat eating cat food
  • Implementation of a door or entry point of some kind



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