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Unity Weekly Updates #51 - Of Quality



Hey! Guess what time is it? That's right! Time for another Weekly Update! This week was a bit heavy, so let's get right to it!

Item Qualities

First, let's talk about the quality level. In the game, you will find equipment to equip. You can find them after finishing a room, in malls or in other types of special rooms. If all these pieces of equipment were identical it would get boring very quickly. So, to add a little spice, I decided to add an item quality system.

Basically, each piece of equipment can have a different level of quality which affects, among other things, its stats and price. These are actually multiplied by a multiplier that is randomly picked from a specific range, which is chosen according to their level of quality, thus making each item feel unique. Currently, there are 5 levels of quality:

  • Cheap: The lowest quality. They usually have between 0.5x and 1x their original stats. 
  • Common: The normal quality, which is between 1x and 2x the original stats.
  • Good: Slightly better than Common. Their multipliers are between 2x and 3x;
  • Rare: The highest quality possible for common items. Their multipliers lay between 3x and 4x.
  • Special: This is a special case. In other RPGs, this would be where you'll find unique "named items". Usually comes with special stats.

To choose a quality level, we'll simply make a weighted dice roll with a bell curve. Thus, the luckier the player is the closer the average of this curve approaches the "Rare" level.

Once a quality level is chosen we then decide the multiplier of the element with the player's luck stat. This means that the luckier the player is the higher the multiplier will get.

Some playable characters have specific equipment, each with its own level of quality. Usually, their equipment respects the character's theme. Of course, you can replace equipment during the run too. 

This is especially true if you can grab a Special piece of equipment.

Recognizing The Quality of an Item

In order to find the quality level of a given piece of equipment, we just need to look at its tooltip. 


In the upper right corner, there is an ideogram that represents the item's quality level.

Here's the list of possible ideograms:

  • 廉 (Ren) which loosely translate to "cheap", "inexpensive" or "bargain". This represents the Cheap level and is usually displayed in a reddish tint.
  • 並 (Nami) which translate to "common", "average" or "medium". This is the Common level and is usually displayed in black (or white if the background is a bit dark).
  • 良 (Ryō) which translate to "Good". This is the Good level and is displayed in a greenish tint.
  • 稀 (Mare) which translate to "rare", "uncommon" or "unusual". This is the Rare level and is usually displayed in a blueish tint.
  • 特 (Toku) which translate to "special", "exceptional" or "particular". This is the Special level and is usually displayed in a yellowish tint.

This tooltip appears whenever a collectible item is near. Players can also view any equipment at any time from the pause menu to see their level of quality too. Just hover over an equipment slot with the mouse and the same tooltip will appear.


You can also check the equipment of a playable character from the character selection screen: there are equipment slots that can be flown over.


Overall that's about it for item qualities. While playing keep an eye open for these, you'll never know...

New Items

Next, there are new pieces of equipment, 7 to be exact.

New Chest Wear Items

First, there are a few new chest equipment. This is usually where the big stats are. There are 5 new chest wear items.

The Hoodie


A nice cozy hoodie.

Focus: Vaporwave


  • DEF -1
  • VITA -1


A nice hoodie. Very flashy in colours and very Aesthetic too. It doesn't provide with any big bonuses, but it makes up for it with some fancy passive capacities.

Mainly Inspired by this big boy right here:


Whit the correct focus, players are able to make themselves invisible. Just stand still for a couple of seconds and boom! undetectable. 

The Bullet-proof Jacket


A sturdy bullet-proof jacket.

Focus: Hardvapor


  • DEF +2
  • AGL -3


A well built bullet-proof jacket. With it, the player gets a bit of defence. Projectile damages are also reduced, while melee damages are increased. 

Daily-Wear-Concealed-Body-Armor-Bulletproof-Vest-iiia-1-1000x1000.jpg BY811_blk_1500_4.jpgBulletSafe_Level_IIIA_Bulletproof_Protective_Vest__44773.1517079874.1280.1280.jpg?c=2

Whit the correct focus, players get to have a slight Agility buff (+1).

The Gopnik Outfit


A sports suit with some vertical stripes. Perfect for your Gopnik needs.

Focus: Vaporwave


  • LCK -1
  • DEF -1
  • AGL +3


A sport suit. It's typically worn by Gopniks in post-soviet countries.


With the right focus, players can automatically go berserk. Basically, an invisible meter fills up each time the player takes damage. Once it's full, the player goes crazy and receives a huge attack bonus for a while. 

The Fitness Outfit


A light fitness outfit.

Focus: Future Funk


  • DEF -2
  • AGL +1
  • VITA +10


A lightweight fitness outfit, complete with big fluffy leg warmers, light tank top and a pair of shorts. It screams the 80s just by itself. With this, the player gets a huge amount of health.


Whit the correct focus, an additional Agility bonus (+2) is gained.

The Wet Suit


A wet suit. Comes with two air tanks and a breathing mask.

Focus: Hardvapor


  • LCK -2
  • ATK +1
  • AGL -3


A typical wet suit. It comes with some deep-diving gear too. Wearing it will make the player stays wet longer. 

Résultats de recherche d'images pour « wetsuit »bi-bouteille-2x10l.jpgwet385_255x255.jpg

With the right focus, players can regenerate their health while wet.

New Shoes

Second, there are two new shoes:

Light-Up Shoes


Shoes that lights up when you walk.

Focus: Future Funk


  • LCK -1
  • DEF +1
  • AGL +1


A pair of shoes with a sole that lights up. Really basic stats.


With the right focus, each step the player takes can stun nearby enemies.

Water Slippers


Water slippers. Useful to protect your feet from sharp underwater rocks.

Focus: Hardvapor


  • DEF -1


These are called "water slippers". IRL, you can use it whenever you go swimming at pebble beaches or any other type of rugged underwater terrain. In the game, wearing these will make the player stays wet longer. 

41sGU1JNpRL.jpg61SuA5NYcpL._UY500_.jpgRésultats de recherche d'images pour « water shoe »

With the right focus, a small defence bonus is added (+3).

Minor Updates

  • Changed the appearance of item tooltip
    • Previously the equipment type was appended to the equipment's name.
    • Now the type of equipment appears on its own line, below the name of the equipment.
  • Fixed a bug where enemies would ignore bumper's trigger zone, thus killing themselves in the process.
  • Fixed a bug causing focus specific passive capacities and stats bonuses to not activate when the required focus would be meant.
  • Fixed a bug where the attack speed was ignored for players.
  • Fixed some bugs with the Paralysed status not paralyzing enemies.
    • Made paralyzed enemies with animator pause their animation.
  • Small reactors, particularly in the GUI.
  • Tweaked some item scales.
  • Fixed a bug where some equipment items would face the wrong way when spawned.
  • Fixed some bugs with navmesh building.

Next week

So right now I'm adding a bunch of pieces of equipment, for which the code is somehow already coded.

It's just a matter of modelling these out.

After which it's boss time. I want to really polish these and maybe add another one just for variety.

Then I might add a few new enemies. I might even add an NPC or two if I have the time.

After everything, it's the usual suspect (Rooms, capacities, props, etc.). 

So yeah, that's about it. I think it's enough for a week!


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