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Project: NubDevice

Back to Work



The last game challenge distracted me and I'm sure the next will also. I'm in the game making mood and Unity has been scratching at the door for a little while now. Let the cat in....

I do like mechanim. I've been collecting assets for a period of time, a fresh up to date install of unity, a couple of prize packages and we're off... If you are into this engine and have not seen [Unity Asset Store : Cinemachine] yet for drop in camera types, check it out. [mixamo:animations] are the second high light. Damn hot...poof...


Now the tug on the line...I'm a humble hobbyist but have grown to want to spread my wings a bit more. I'm interested in a finding a sound guru for this play project. I'm curious what additional life can be brought to the simple animation posted above.


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