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Project: Fateless

How to stop losing players? New one-handed portrait FPS controls idea



I have 7 players and I get 3-4 installs per week, and 3-4 uninstalls per week. I keep losing players. My game probably looks cool from screenshots, but it's clear that when people download it and run it, they do not feel like it's what they expected. How to stop people from uninstalling the game? Is it more levels, more detail, more lighting effects (shadow maps, specular), or more unique mechanics that are needed? Is it because it does not look and feel exactly like an AAA title?

Fateless doesn't let you look or shoot up or down. It's all on the Y plane. The general advice I took when I started was "make the kind of game you would want to play yourself" and personally I only want an FPS where you don't need to aim up and down, like in early 1990's. Should I just create a mode with vertical aim even though it's not really needed in the game just to make players comfortable?

New Idea for one-handed FPS control for subway: one circle, top half is aim, bottom half is strafe. When you switch from aiming to strafing the previous action sticks. This way FPS could be played while standing and holding a pole on a daily commute.

What should the feature priority be to stop losing players?

Fateless on Google Play



Recommended Comments

I believe there is a difference between simplicity and having an incomplete game.

Problem #1: I watched your video and it is just move and shoot with two different guns.
Potential Solution: Maybe offer more gun selection, implement hand grenades, mines, and maybe even melee.

Problem #2: Players complain about collision detection, and I don't see any crosshairs and no ability to aim down sights.
Potential Solution: Address customer complaints if you can before adding new features, add a crosshair element or ability to aim down sights.

Problem #3: Level redundancy & Enemy Variety
Potential Solution: I would limit an area theme to three levels, then move on to a snow area, nighttime scene, laboratory, etc and with it introduces new enemies with new mechanics. ( ie new texture packs for each theme )

I like the style and simplicity you are going for. I like that you don't have to vertically aim and you are taking cues from the old school gamer era. Just remember their games had those limitations due to technical restrictions, don't let it be an excuse for getting lazy on pumping up the fun level for your players.

Keep up the great work, keep building this game and it will just get better!




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