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Project: Fateless

Rendering Foreground On Device, Background On Server



I'm interested in augmenting rendering on mobile device with a 360 video that's streamed from the server for skybox and far away objects. Objects that appear close in the game that tend to move fast, such as the weapon, nearby monsters, furniture, etc, could be rendered on-device. But far away buildings and terrain beyond a certain distance would be streamed as a 360 video rendered with much higher detail on the server. Even if there is some delay with uploading game state, that won't affect the game-play itself since the objects are far away, so a video should do.

A mobile phone's power is enough to render all the fast-moving projectiles nearby that are crucial to the fight, even in VR. But what is farther out does not need to move fast, even if you move your head, it just needs to look good and create the atmosphere. Does this technology exist already? I suspect the big players are probably already working on this kind of hybrid rendering approach. Ideally, I'd like to find something open-source, C++ that I can plug into my engine. As an alternative, I'm considering Godot. Would anybody be interested in developing this as a plugin for Godot? Apologies if this already exists, just point me to the link please.


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