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Project: Seas of Fortune

Seas of Fortune - Dev Update #18 - Steam Page and major Tech Improvements

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Trym Studios


seas of fortune7



Hi Captains!


I hope you are all enjoying your summer, its been a few months since last update. This is mostly because the I've had to focus a bit more on my health, 20 years in front of a computer has taken its toll on me and I am now better at taking a break and hitting the gym, overall I am feeling 10 times better and more motivated than ever! So here is a new update of what we have had the time to focus on since March!


first lets start with the tech updates!


Tech update build 0.5.6 r003:



  • Added ledger interface + prompt (Toggle with "K")
  • Added wages and debt interests (Calculated monthly)
  • Added weather effects & blending (Cloud/Clear)
  • Added "Rain" weather effect (Experimental)
  • Added ability to climb the rigging and cordages (Free-Look)
  • Added the "command crew" mode (TAB) - (Experimental)
  • Added ambient volumetric lights
  • Added "End Game" prompts
  • Added lighting on water VFX particle effects
  • Added main menu UI sounds (Buttons)


  • Improve staircases physics (WIP - ship movement)
  • Improved staircases and deck collisions
  • Improved "idle" smoothness (WIP=
  • Optimized volumetric lighting on lanterns
  • Tweaked ships angular drag
  • Tweaked center of mass of ship
  • Tweaked camera height (player view)
  • Tweaked post-processing settings
  • Tweaked ambient water audio
  • Tweaked ship buoyancy
  • Tweaked post-processing settings
  • Tweaked Storm weather waves amplitude
  • Tweaked safety to ship max speed
  • Integrated a different rendering technique for ship trails
  • Modified Whale quest location


  • Fixed issues with global reflections
  • Fixed player lantern cycles
  • Fixed crafting station lookat physics quirks
  • Fixed some scaling issues on ship hierarchy
  • Fixed staircase clipping issues (lower decks)
  • Fixed water extrude rendering issues
  • Fixed issues with UI ordering
  • Fixed an issue that caused some goods to be impossible to trade
  • Fixed an audio global revered audio applied to foleys
  • Modified "whats new?" block



We have also improved the fog in the game which gives a better and more gloomy look!





As the tech update mentioned, we are experimenting with the crew options. First out is the assigning of a helmsman, he will sail you to the next island while you explore the ship and you can also command him from any part of the ship.


ezgif 5 b7da28785895


We are experimenting with a ledger gives you a quick view of the monthly expenses.


ezgif 5 46fd4801822d


Climbing the rigging and leaning on it for a better free view is also implemented int his build. You can also see we have improved the ocean a bit.






Overall the improvements have made the build more streamlined. (Please excuse the GIF quality)







Here is a link to our steam page:




Here you can take part in the discussions or ask any questions you want and even wish-list it!




I hope everyone has a great summer and I am already looking forward to the next update for you guys!


All the best,

Captain Tommy



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