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Unity Weekly Updates #53 - New! Exciting products!



Oh, hello there! And welcome to this weeks' Weekly Update! Last week was a bit intensive in 3D modelling, I must say... This post is actually a list of new items, so no Minor Updates this time... So let's this started!

New Hand Wear Items

First of all, I'm proud to say that I've finished most of the equipment on my brainstorming list! In total, I've got about 41 different pieces of equipment. I've managed to complete the whole hand wear part in a single sprint, so here they are:

The Golden Ring


Focus: Vaporwave

A simple gold ring... Quite elegant if you ask me!


  • LCK +1
  • ATK -1


A simple gold ring that comes in a beautiful little box. With the correct focus, the player can frenzy enemies while attacking.

The Iron Gauntlets


Focus: Hardvapor

Some aesthetic looking gauntlets made of pure iron.


  • DEF +3
  • ATK +1
  • AGL -2


A pair of funky iron gauntlets. Very sturdy. It's part of an ensemble. With the correct focus, it gives an additional defence bonus (+2)

The Killer Glove


Focus: Future Funk

A rather plain looking single leather glove. The left glove is somehow missing...  With it, you feel that you can kill anyone!


  • AGL +1
  • DEF  -1


A single leather glove. It may seem pretty normal, but looks can be deceiving... With the right focus, projectile-based weapons will have a faster reload time.

Robot Arms


Focus: Vaporwave

A beautiful shiny pair of robotic prostheses. Much better than real arms if you ask me ...


  • AGL +1
  • ATK +1
  • HP -10


A pair of robotic arms, with tongs for hands. Players will be able to launch powerful charged attacks with these. With the right focus, their attacks will also be faster.

The Foam Finger


Focus: Vaporwave

A giant foam finger. With it, it's much easier to keep the moral! Go team Go!


  • LCK +1
  • AGL -1


A giant foam finger. Usually, there's a "# 1" print on it, but oddly not this one... Nevertheless, being "# 3" can still be a feat!! With the correct focus, an additional luck bonus is given (+3).

The Ammo Ring


Focus: Future Funk

A nice small golden ring with a mini-bullet on it. It gives up quite the impression!


  • LCK -1
  • ATK -1


A small gold ring decorated with a miniature bullet. Comes in a pretty little box. With the correct focus, each bullet picked up will be doubled.

The Clover Ring


Focus: Vaporwave

A small golden ring decorated with a four-leaf clover shaped emerald. Really pretty!


  • LCK +5


It's a small golden ring decorated with a four-leaf clover shaped emerald. Essentially a luck booster, much like the rabbit's foot. With the correct focus, players will also have a better chance of finding money in loot.

The Boxing Gloves


Focus: Hardvapor

A pair of boxing gloves. These can pack quite a punch!


  • ATK +5
  • DEF +1


A standard pair of boxing gloves. When worn, most ranged attacks will deal much less damage. Conversely, with the correct focus, most melee attacks will be much more effective.

New Chest Wear Item

Second, I also finished the chest wear items. There was only one left, so here it is.

The Pilot Outfit


Focus: Future Funk

A formal pilot's outfit. It even has two different patches. It looks pretty official too!


  • AGL +1
  • LCK +1


A standard one-piece pilot outfit. With the correct focus, players can hover in the air after a jump.

New Activatable Items

And thirdly, I've also added three new activated items. Here they are!

The Mini Mall


Focus: None

A miniature Big Mall. A perfect replica. It's so realistic that it feels like you can actually shop there.


  • AGL - 25%
  • LCK -10%


A pocket-sized Big Mall. With this, players can instantly visit a 6-item Big Mall by paying an entry fee. They're then transported to a mall in a pocket dimension. After completing their purchases, players only have to go through the mall's door to return to where they left off.

The malls' item selection changes for each level and does not use any item pools.

However, players using this item will have to pay more in all malls and will also suffer a chance penalty, so choose wisely!

The Super Sole


Focus: Hardvapor

A removable sole. Surprisingly robust and curiously comfortable. With it, you feel quite powerful!


  • AGL - 25%
  • LCK -10%


A removable sole. With this activated item, players can kick their enemies which projects them far away. Very handy to push back hoards of enemies or even to use the environment to defeat them.

With this sole, players can also tackle their enemies.  There is even a chance to create a shock wave when landing.

The Glitch


Focus: None

It's a .̴̮̜͌̓ ̶͉̠̳̾|̵͖͂͂ ̸͖̹̝̎̓°̶̖͐̌͝ͅ ̷̛͚̏͆é̶̞̜̅ ̸̹̯͐. It̵͕͉̍'̵̞̬̣̇̂s̸̭̆͌̋ real̸̢̐͠ĺ̴̫̀̌.̷͍̬̆̊́y̸̛̜ |̵̞̯͆¼̷̥͇̻̽v̶̧͖̈́̒מ̴̧̈́͛͗ ᵃ̵̨̨̗̊ⁿ̸̺͋̽͘ᵈ̷̉̈́ͅ   ᴵ̶̖̝̃̓̐'̴̢͑̕ᴹ̴̻͇̆̈́͠ ̴̢̀̊͝ᴺ̴͙̊̚͜ᴼ̷̫͎̏̔̇ᵀ̵̰̕ ̵̮͙̩̋ᴼ̶̫͋͜ᴷ̸̔ͅ.


  • ?̶̱̬̻̪̄͗?̴̙̊̅́͆̿?̵̟̟͍̞̎̃̚͝


An aberration of unknown origin. An error of the universe. The most reckless players will probably not hesitate to pick up this item.

The stats of these players will be changed completely randomly, regardless of their chance levels.

With this, players can re-roll every item within their reach. It can also reflect any status back to its sender. It's really useful, but are you game enough and try your luck?

Next Week

I'm planning to go on vacation for about a week next Friday, so things are going to be a bit slower over the next week. I mainly plan to continue some activated items and maybe some relics too.

So keep in mind that the next post will come a little earlier next week!

I am going to take this vacation time to refill my batteries and perhaps also do some brainstorming. I don't plan to be near a computer (outside my phone), so yeah...

After that, I plan to revise/add some bosses, but only after my vacations: starting something so big just before leaving can be surprisingly dangerous in the long run ...

So yeah! That's about it.


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