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Entry #5 Long time since last update, also, playable version

Antonio Schwuchow


So I had some other projects and assignments on the last 2 months. Some decisions have been made in the project but not much advancment. For the National Videogame Contest https://www.videojuegosmx.com/ and decided to make small updates so I could have a better chance.

If you want to play this version (not complete at all) you can download the apk and you are welcome to give me any feedback.



  • Added spawner system for bus stops, cars and houses (decorative)
  • Created a small bouncing system for passengers when they fell off (not implemented)
  • Added some sounds
  • General game system improved
  • Transform utility working! (no post shaders on mobile version though :C )

I haven still added a real ending, you can play as long as you want, materials still wont work correctly if restarting the game while some materials are swapped. In general the material updating is not working yet. I feel closer to a finished project though. 4 super simple people for the bus stops, they appear randomly.


Some gameplay.


Transformed bus (pesera)



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      I tried searching with Google but I still don't know what I need.
      (I know it will take a lot of time and effort but please show me how to go!)
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