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I've been noisy ...

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As a first step to generate height maps on my own i started incorporating the algorithms of libnoise (c) by Jason Bevins, under the LGPL v2.1 or higher. It has never been easier to get noisy. Mapping a texture to a sphere or near spherical body is trivial, But when it comes to 'Oumuamua shaped objects things get distorted:


Surface normals computed in two different ways, geocentric

vec3 centricSurfaceNormal( const vec3 pos ) {
	return normalize( pos );

and geodetic

vec3 geodeticSurfaceNormal( const vec3 pos ) {
	return normalize( pos * u_oneOverRadiiSquared );

Normals combined

vec3 normalG = geodeticSurfaceNormal( position );
vec3 normalC = centricSurfaceNormal( position );
vec3 normal = ( normalG + normalC ) / 2.0f;
vec2 texCoord = computeTexCoord( normal );

and height values looked up from a spherical height map

vec2 computeTexCoord( const vec3 normal ) {
	return vec2( atan( normal.y, normal.x ) * c_oneOverTwoPi + 0.5f, asin( normal.z ) * c_oneOverPi + 0.5f );

and then

float height = texture( s_texture, texCoord ).r * u_heightFactor;
displacedPosition = position + ( normal * height );

Still, between the two methods, there are vast open plains, so to say, only the centre area and the east- and west-poles are noisy.

I'll probably have to generate the height maps specifically for the assumed ellipsoidal shape of the bodies that will use it as clothing.

And what about two- or multi-lobed objects ? 🤔

Tricky terrain ahead ...


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