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Project: Fateless

Episode 2 is out. Need level designer / technical artist (PAID).



Another five levels are done, which make up episode 2, and that is because of the new efficient philosophy of placing enemies, spawn/exit points and doors as blocks and then spawning them as actual objects in Lua. This probably cut down level design time by a factor of 10 or more. It took a good year to design ep. 1, and ep. 2 took two weeks. I've got a full-time job now and I'm looking to hire to keep development of the game going. As @Cody.Rauh specified, I'm looking for 3 things:

  • New guns
  • New levels
  • New enemies

For the gun part, all you gotta do is scout websites like Turbosquid and look for free or cheap low-poly models of guns, download them, write a bit of Lua (just copy-paste existing the shotgun/machinegun/rocketlauncher code and modify it depending on weapon type). For the levels, all you gotta do is shoot a few texture photos, resize them, then doodle together a 32x32 voxel map with them in the Voxyc app. New enemies are a bit harder. You may possibly have to rig and animate them after getting the models, but at the very least open the DAE (or similar) files in Blender (or similar), go to the timeline and export an OBJ for every frame for every relevant action (move/fire/die, etc), and that sounds like the most expensive part of the process. Animation and rigging are highly skilled labor.

Would love to know if anyone's interested (and to discuss rates).

Get Fateless


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@VoxycDev Honestly I would skip and wouldn't even bother with the prefab assets based on the fidelity of your game, these are easy low poly assets that should be on the quicker side to complete. 

I would be interested in helping you with the assets if you like, here is my portfolio: https://www.artstation.com/cody-rauh

Please email me at cody.rauh@gmail.com or even better contact me on discord Cody Rauh
if that is something you need help with, I can rig, animate, model, etc.

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