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Project: Leaf

Six Weeks Later



In this week of daily game development, I worked on two larger features. The first is a pathfinding, so that NPCs, and the player character, can move to designated positions in the map. That'll largely be useful for cutscenes and making NPCs move around a bit while idle. I might even extend it to allow creating full routes for NPCs to take, to implement daily routines or something like that.

The other large feature is a new user interface toolkit. This is still in its infancy at the moment, so there's nothing to show for it. I expect that it'll take me a few weeks to complete this, so the next few updates might not be very fancy, I'm afraid. I'll try to do other, minor work on the game in-between though. Mostly working on assets and such, so hopefully I'll at least have one or two screenshots to post.


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