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[Devlog 4]: FPS work in progress

ARF Initiative


Hello everybody!

After some time working on FallNation video game, we are now here to bring you some news in these Devlog. As you might know from past devlogs, FallNation will be a free-roaming army based RPG, mixing a Worldmap stage and FPS battlefields with Real Time Tactics an adventures in the middle of an apocalyptic environment where the future of the mankind depends on you.

We've been working on the FPS, adjusting animations, aiming, shooting, reloading weapons... We really wanna make FPS feel natural, comfortable, realistic and funny over all of that. This is one of our main purposes in the development and we think it is going very good. Obviously, when we started developing FPS, we did not have zombies to kill yet, so we used some kinda manikins. Really helpful, indeed.



Once we started working on the FPS, we found manikins boring, so we decided to include zombies in our test, as you can see in the GIF above. That was the reason why Zombie Jane Idea came up. Zombie Jane works as a volunteer for weapon test and also FPS development. Zombie Jane's AI is still a bit poor, but she is doing her best. Even the fact that she doesn't know how to jump, she respects every collider we put in the battlefield.  



In our effort to make the game more challenging we have tested some mechanics. At this moment, one of our favorites is the noise mechanic. You have to be careful to not making so much noise, because you can attract hordes of zombies. The noise will be accumulated through the battle, so the stealthiest and the faster you are, normally will bring you the best result, as long as your main purpose is to go unnoticed.

For the purpose of development, we speed up the mechanic a bit, so even small noises will attract a horde, as you see in the GIF when we use the knife to obliterate Z-Jane  (she has many nicks) there is no problem, but if we use the rifle, that would be a bad movement, and a horde of zombies will attack you. So while playing you will have to take care of the noises in the battlefield.

This doesn't mean you can't use weapons during the battle mode (In the GIF we speed up the mechanic). The fact is that depending on your abilities killing the enemies and the weapons you choose, it may raise the level up so badly. And that's something you must have on mind.

What other mechanics would you like to see on the battlefield? we are excited to meet your suggestions.



As you might see, development is getting faster and we can say lore is growing up so much. This week we finally designed and named the factions, their armies and their leaders. The zombie concept is clear and simple but very powerful. Our first idea was to develop an island where the action takes place, but we decided that an island would not be enough. So it must be a whole continent, with a big nation. We defined it and bring it to life. It has to be a big continent full of people, cities and adventures. At the start we showed an island called G-108, because a game always illustrates it better than words. Now we will take a step further.

Finally, let us present you KAMAU, the continent. Situated in the Atlantic Ocean. Here you have the Worldmap.


What do you think about Kamau?


Just because a world needs some vegetation we have been testing the different solutions for vegetation Unity offers us, and why not? this is an apocalyptic game so... 1 +1 ...  tree apocalypse!!!



Next steps? well... we have a big ToDo list but firstly we will complete  the FPS and the lore and background story of Kamau, the different factions and their leaders...

Please, don't forget to join us on Discord. Updates are about to come first on Discord!

Fallnation - Discord

We really appreciate your support! Thanks for all, folks!


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