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Unity Weekly Updates #55 - Let's play a game!



Welcome back! This is yet another new installment of your favourite Weekly Update blog! Last Saturday, I came back from my week of vacation and really got to recharge my batteries. However, I have a bit of difficulty gaining back my velocity, so this week was a bit light. Nevertheless, I was able to add two new items. Being on vacation helped me a lot to find inspiration, and in a way, these two items are the result... So without any further ado, here they are...

New Weapon

First, let's talk about weapons. During my vacations, I remembered the long summers of my childhood ... We played badminton on the gravel road in front of our RV... One of the main themes of Vaporwave being nostalgia, I always try to put a lot of it in most items. This way, I can evoke the main themes of Vaporwave: old technology, nostalgia and 80s-90s aesthetics. But anyway, this is the new weapon: the badminton racket.

Badminton Racket


Well, what do we have here? A badminton racket!

Everyone loves badminton, especially on hot summer days.


  • LCK+1;
  • ATK -2;
  • DEF -1;
  • AGL +2;


A small badminton racket. It's light but not very dangerous. It mainly acts as a defensive weapon. With it, players can reflect projectile by swinging the racket at them. It's also quieter and is overall quicker than conventional weapons.

New Relic

Second, I also added a new relic. We'll stay in the badminton theme as it's a classic shuttlecock.



This little guy is essential to play badminton.


  • ATK -25%
  • AGL +10%


It is a standard feathered shuttlecock. With it, players can fly through the air, become less noisy and gain the ability to do badminton services. To execute one, simply drop a defence while holding a melee shield taking care not to parry. When a successful service is performed, a shuttlecock is launched forward, hitting any enemies in its path.

Minor Updates

  • Fixed a bug where a player in defence mode could negate status damage

Next week

As for next week, I feel that it will be another rather light week. I'm still stuck in vacation mode and have yet to reach my usual velocity.

Otherwise, I'm gushing with energy! I think I can really start working on several big features in my backlog. A little brainstorming could be on the agenda too: I had a bunch of new ideas that came to me during my vacations.

And after all that, it's the usual suspects. And with most of the activatable items and equipment fully modelled, I think the time has come to go back a bit in the code.

In short, I'm slowly and surely rebooting the machine!

So that's about it!


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