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Project: Project Taival

Dev Diary #031 - Towards Tutorials



Hello all and welcome to 31st Dev Diary for Project Taival! This weeks subjects are;

  1. Starting to make a mini-game as a tutorial on Godot Engine.
  2. Preparing for gathering funding for the project.

The Mini in a Game

This last week has been more productive in a concrete way, than many before it. Don't get me wrong, I have done brain storming all the time in anticipation of things finally working out with the After Effects, but no luck on that front still - I wish there was some app that you could load your After effects project as is and you could render your work using your GPU with all the effects that the CINEMA 4D plugin enables in the After Effects. If you know of any, give me a holler on the comments below.

I started doing this tutorial series on YouTube, which was quite efficient at explaining the basics of simple 3D rules and basic GScript coding to make the example stage function. It takes only about an hour or less to complete the whole tutorial, after which I started making a mini-game using and modifying the scripts used i the tutorial. Here is the result so far;


The idea is to make a Pong style, simple ball game with a twist and after that a simple football (soccer) game. The character moves, the ball rolls, but I still need to figure out some things to make it function properly. Luckily, Godot has a comprehensive and easy to use documentation built within Godot, which helps look up different commands and methods. I still have much to learn about GScript, so hopefully it's not too difficult.


Funding the Project

Other than making a Patreon account, I found out that you can use this Basic Attention Token -system in your YouTube, Reddit and Twitch channels, so that people can tip you with BAT -tokens, if they like your work or would like to support your efforts. To use this system, you need to download Brave browser and register as a creator on their site. After that they will guide you through the process, as you need to verify your identity to be able to take tips in the form of BAT tokens, or you can convert all your tips straight to Euros or US Dollars. The BAT system is still on it's early stages, but it is the first step to help bring a new and better, much less invasive and more secure way to advertise and tip your favorite content creators. Brave Browser is being developed by the co-founder of the Mozilla project and creator of JavaScript, Brendan Eich.

Those who decide to start using the Brave Browser regularly through my referral link, Brave will pay me 5 USD worth of BAT, which helps me, without you needing to pay anything. In turn, you can have your own referral links for you to earn more, just by using Brave browser. US customers are among the luckiest though, as just the US residents (to my knowledge) can get paid just by watching commercials on YouTube, for example or adds in general on any page. Some people have said, that by watching YouTube the whole day, they earned close to 40 USD worth of BAT tokens a day. Remember, if Cryptocurrencies are not your thing, you can have the payment in USD or EUR also. Alternatively, the Brave browser comes with a built in add blocker and script blocker, which can be easily set off permanently, if you don't like them. The Tipping functionality has been built in to the browser as well, making it a breeze to use, once set up correctly.

I still intend to use Patreon as a funding channel, as it might take even longer for the BAT Tips to start flowing, as it is such a young system at this point. Which brings me to the last topic; planning my Patreon page. I have been designing my Tier graphics and names for the tier and I will most likely just describe the Tiers as precious metals, as those are universal in every major culture. I have also modeled an octagonal star, that will be part of the design.


I have been thinking what could be an appropriate approach to introducing and tell something about myself. I'm still not sure, where the line with too much honesty goes, as I have already been publicly saying, that at an earlier point in my life, I have suffered from depression for a large portion of my life and open up the issue of mental health in general in my draft text quite a lot. I'm also planning to make a pledge, to donate 50% of all the income made from my games and donations that go over 2000 euros, for mental Health Research and Care, and/or Suicide prevention, as that is a topic that should be taken more seriously, as depression and anxiety disorders are getting more common around the world, and WHO estimates, that 50% of these mental problems go un-diagnosed in Europe alone. Either due to peer pressure to not slow down "or you will loose your standing on job markets", or like most of the times, people don't always know that they are depressed. Too many still thinks that depression is a myth and that the real reason is poor motivation or a weak mind, labeling depression as a hypochondria of a weak mind.

If you have any suggestions on that or any other matter, please feel free to comment. I have also updated my reddit channel, as I finally created a sub-reddit for Project Taival here;


Thank you for tuning in and I'll see you on the next one!

You can check out every possible mid week announcements about the project on these official channels;

• YouTube • Facebook • Twitter • Discord • Reddit • Pinterest • SoundCloud • LinkedIn •


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