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Project: Rubikon




We approach. A productive week lies behind us:


  • Deciduous Trees for the camp added with animating treetops
  • 2nd scene sketch
  • 2nd scene scribble in progress


  • Enemy block and pursuit in progress
  • Camp asset setup
  • Humanoid shadows
  • AI looking for seat nearby and sits down
  • AI movement refactoring. Was looking for shortest route in the 8-way-movement, but that looked weird and jittered. AI now heading towards target until the next possible direction change leads directly to it.
  • Tree prefabs
  • AI input refactoring. AI now moves via target position instead of desired direction.
  • Shadows fade slightly in the clouds shadows
  • Dynamic Post Processing. Areas can be declared bright, sober, dark wood etc which affects the post exposure / saturation / contrast of the camera.
  • Horizontal arrow shooting refactored. Added air drag, improved collision.
  • Vertical arrow shooting in progress

Videos will follow as soon as we have our animated main character.
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