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New Shaders, Bloom and Multi-threading

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New Shaders, Bloom and Multi-threading
New Shaders, Bloom and Multi-threading
New Shaders, Bloom and Multi-threading
New Shaders, Bloom and Multi-threading

Even though I might not post often, things are constantly moving and changing.  Since my last post, I have put in a new radar shader (which looks like the old radar except less ancient looking.  The lines are far smoother because it’s constructed in a shader so are thicker and more precise).  I have also added Bloom effects to the system.  Some things take to it well, other things, not so much, but it is setup to be able to be turned off on an object by object basis if need be.  So that will improve as time goes on.

The other really BIG thing I’m excited about is implementation of Multithreading.  So not only is the infrastructure there now for that, but I have used it to DRASTICALLY speed up the load time of the game.  It has gone from over 70 seconds to 16 seconds.  That is OVER a 4 times speed increase (4.375 to be exact!).   This is HUGE for development since the day to day trial and error just got massively sped up!  The intent is to move the terrain engine calculation to a separate thread as well, and eventually look into if anything in the main engine can be moved.  To me, this is a game changer for the game.

Other things are in the works, that will come up soon!



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