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Unity Weekly Updates #56 - What an Impact!



Hey! It's you! Well, make yourself at home, and enjoy this week's Weekly Updates! Last week was, though a bit on the light side, somehow busy. On the menu, a bunch of new sounds, two new relics, three new activated items and several bug fixes. So let's not hang around any longer and let's go!

New Sounds

First, there are many new sounds. Most of these sounds are related to weapons and attacks. Previously there was no sound when a melee attack is launched. There wasn't also any sound to show if the attack was successful or not. In short, the game was in serious need of new sounds.

So I decided to add several sounds. When a melee weapon launches an attack, a sound can now be heard. When an attack lands, two types of sounds can be heard depending on its outcome. If blocked, a resonant sound is played. If not blocked, an impact sound is played instead. The sounds playback volume also varies depending on the damage level of the attack. So, the more critical an attack is, the louder the sound is played.

I also decided to add a sound for a successful parade. It really helps to make everything very juicy!

There are a bunch of different sounds ... Too much for this little post ... So, I made a video.

Take a listen:

New Relics

Second, there are two new relics. With these new relics, there are now 26 functional relics in the game. But anyway, here they are:

Ecco Jam

Blue ecco jam

Ah yes, a pot of pure echo! Really tasty on a piece of toast!


  • DEF - 15%


A jar of blue jelly. Is sold as "100% pure echo jelly".

28737fcf-0c8d-4cd5-966d-a5e2d809e943_1.27b42b91f55db336ec52135d50b11cef.jpeg?odnHeight=450&odnWidth=450&odnBg=FFFFFF61vTsTcXkxL._SY450_.jpg images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQ9mLu34kZmRP03GkbziQrzFcV0hqsAFbuoNc2ecYo0txCEMLV4qQ

With this relic, players get a similar ability of the Gopnik outfit.

Basically, it allows them to obtain some kind of berserk mode. When players took enough damage they enter a berserk mode, which gives them big stats bonuses. After a few seconds, the effect wears off.


Japanese Bobtail maneki neko

What a cute figurine! This cat looks very happy to be here!


  • LCK +10%


A ceramic cat a holding a big koban coin.

Maneki-neko-ja.jpg 41cXmvZPBhL.jpg.1c408cc7020586f8084314ae601f33b7.jpg Manekineko1003.jpg

According to Japanese culture, Maneki-Nekos are supposed to bring luck to their owner. With this relic, players receive a small bonus of luck. Also, they'll be more likely to find money in loot.

New Activated Items

Third, there are three new activable items. With these three new items, there are now 19 activated items in all. Here they are:

Pierre Laroche

pierre laroche

This is a roc- sorry, didn't mean to offend it. This is Pierre Laroche. It's a proud rock, to say the least...


  • ATK +5%
  • AGL -25%


A small pebble. You can see white lines all around it. Realy pretty to look at!


With this activated item, players can now throw pebbles. These can either distract enemies but can also hurt them.

Use it wisely!

Toy Brick

Red toy brick

Be careful not to walk on that ... It's rather painful!


  • ATK +5%
  • AGL -15%
  • LCK -5%


A small plastic brick. It's really well built.

lego-red-brick-2-x-4-3001-30-771344-81.jpg 1920px-Lego_Color_Bricks.jpg Lego_Bricks_Digitally_Printed_Roller_Blind-APa0K0.jpg

With this activatable object, players now can lay down brick mines.

Once thrown and still, the toy brick activates and becomes deadly. When someone passes nearby, it explodes.

Use them well, otherwise, you're going to have a bad time.

Watering Can

Green watering can

Find your inner gardener with this beautiful 100% green watering can.


  • ATK -25%
  • DEF -50%
  • AGL -5%
  • HP +10%


A small green plastic watering can. Contains a little bit of water.

green-plastic-toy-watering-can-made-children-use-studio-shot-white-background-33865430.thumb.jpg.b02c05008669234c4f4513207a348b0f.jpg 51cYdM8UFSL._SY355_.jpg green-bailer-or-watering-can-with-a-handle-and-a-long-spout-picture-id471170339

With this activated item, players can water many things. When watered, some plants might even drop useful loots. Watering fruit plants also regrow their fruits instantly. Enemies can also be watered and will get wet. Some enemies won't tolerate water at all and will get hurt.

So be nice to our plant friends! You never know, they could even save yourself one day!

Minor Updates

  • Changed the Shaders to be able to offset a model's UV to change their colours.
  • Changed how floor types work and marked ice floor as walkable.
  • Changed the appearance of ice 
    Ice Floor
  • Fixed a bug where some in-game item would face the wrong way when placed on a pedestal.
  • Fixed a bug where some important sounds wouldn't play at all
  • Expanded the projectile return hitbox of the badminton racket.
  • Changed how the defence VFX appears.
    • This way, a fully blocked attack will also show the defence VFX.
  • Changed the angle at which the shuttlecock was launched.

Next Week

For next week I plan to do some brainstorming to polish the levels a bit. Maybe a little overhaul of the map generation would be in order...

Otherwise, I also plan to work on the 3D model of most relics. A bit of relic brainstorming would be great over!

After that, it's your usual suspects...

Another thing I'm thinking about is to eventually release a small playable demo to start collecting feedback and discover bugs. I could also set up a bug logging system so players can submit bug tickets. Ideally, I could even do it from the game itself but it would take a bit of brainstorming ...

In short, a lot of brainstorming to do!


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